Five for Friday: March 31

Hi guys! I can't believe it's already the last day of March! Here are some things that we have been up to this week!


When I saw Antoinette from @shoelacesandsugarcookies post about these lego books on Instagram, I knew they were just what I needed to bring purpose and intention back to our lego centre! Unfortunately, they are only available from Barnes & Nobles and the shipping was a little on the pricey side but the books themselves are a steal for the quality! I also signed up for the e-mail newsletter to get 15% off one of the books.

I love how most things only need simple bricks that I already had!

I also like that it tells you how many of each brick you need.  This encourages the students to practice counting in an authentic way!  They have been loving these books and I can see them being obsessed with creating the items in the books until the end of the year!

If you are interested in purchasing these books, here are the links:


Our focus sight word is "my" this week so I brought back our sight word booklets to place in our writing centre.

For this booklet, I added some vocabulary cards that they could colour, cut out and glue on to the pages.  Then they could use the word on the card to help them complete the sentence.  This helped increase the independence at this centre!

They had the choice to draw their own pictures and write their own words, but they loved cutting and gluing on the pictures I provided them with!

These booklets are in my "Pre-Primer Sight Word Booklets" pack on TpT.  You can check them out by clicking here.


My kiddos need lots of practice with patterning this year so there is our latest patterning invitation.  I invited them to create a pattern with coloured jumbo popsicle sticks!

I added these pattern name cards to encourage the students to create and name patterns and identify the core.  I have added them to my patterning unit on TpT.  If you own it you can redownload it here to get the pattern name cards!


I finally sent home the name bags we made at the beginning of the year and have been practicing with throughout the year.  If you missed it, you can read more about my name bags and grab the free printables from this blog post.

I sent this letter home so that the parents knew they could keep the name bag at home and how to use each component with their child.

I have had such great feedback from the parents since I sent the letter bags home! I'm so happy to hear they have been using the activities with the kids at home :)

This letter has been added to the Name Bag FREEBIE on TpT.  You can click here or on the image below to download it!


I'm always trying to think of easy and fun ways for the kids to practice writing their sight words.  Here is a new activity that I came up with!

Students trace and complete the sentences.  They can get the colour words off the word wall to help them print the word.  Then they colour the picture to match to help them remember what colour they wrote.  After they are done, they read it to 3 friends and have the friends write their name in the box at the bottom.  

The kids loved reading their sentences to their friends! I also let them put their sheet on a clipboard when they were ready to read to friends and using a clipboard is a super popular activity in our class so the kids were all over that ;)

You can grab this printable for free to try in your classroom by clicking on the image below:

I hope you will try it in your classroom and the kiddos love it just as much as mine did :)

I'm linking up with Kacey for her Five for Friday link-up.  If you would like to read more Five for Friday blog posts, click on the image below:

That's it for me this week! I hope you were able to grab some ideas to use in your classroom! Have a great weekend!

- Yukari


  1. HI Yukari, I LOVE the Brick by Brick books! Heading to B&N tomorrow with my teacher discount! The kiddos will love them! Glad you shared. Kathleen

  2. I like your hands on activities with recording books. Looked back on your subtraction blog. Love the bowling idea. So now I have another fun way to practice "take away!"
    Thank you