Instagram Round-Up: January-June 2023

1. Updated New Year FREEBIES

This year I updated my new year freebies! I updated the pages with new fonts/clip art and also added a new q-tip painting activity.

This one is the trace and build activity that is included:

The current version has up to 2026 included!

There is also a craft idea/writing template, a winter break reflection writing page and a q-tip painting page!

You can find this FREE New Year's pack here: or by clicking on the image below!

I just remembered I also have a FREE New Year's themed google slides too so I'll link them here: or you can click on the image below:

2. CVC Mini Books: Trace, Read & Circle

I made these CVC mini books to practice reading CVC words with my son, but a lot of you have told me you have been loving them in your classrooms as well :)

There is an option for trace and circle and trace, write and circle for each word.

If you are interested in grabbing these, they are available in my TPT shop here: or by clicking the image below:

3. CVC Encoding Freebie

I originally had just two pages of short a words posted as a blog freebie (I made it for a warm up for one of my literacy small groups a few years ago) but I had so many requests to make a full set so I finally got to it this February! And since I was just starting my newsletter, I made it my sign up freebie.

So if you're interested in grabbing this freebie, you can sign up here: and it should be sent to you within the hour! I also send a monthly newsletter with a newsletter exclusive freebie so I hope you enjoy those as well :)

4. CVC Build & Check

Here's another CVC activity I made for my little guy! Both of my kids love magnetic letters so I wanted to capitalize on that interest. I printed these out and we practiced saying the word out loud, identifying the sounds we hear and building the word and then lifting the checkmark to check out answer.

This version is the easier one as it gives students the letters they will need to build the words: 

This version is harder since there are not clues but great for more advanced learners! Both can be done independently with the "Check It" feature. I put a small magnet on the back of the check marks and put the printables on baking sheets so the magnet will stick!

or you can click on the images below:

5. My Number Formation Practice Mini Book

Here's another activity I made up for my JK son! He still needs lots of practice with letter and number formation so we've been working on fine motor activities + doing some more explicit letter/number formation activities from time to time.

These can laminated and used as a dry erase centre or made into mini books. The formation clip art is great because the kids can easily follow along and learn how he number should be formed.

You can find these printables here: or by clicking on the image below:

6. Letter Mazes

Here's another activity I made for my son and this one was a HUGE hit. He loves mazes so I thought he would like it but I only printed out about 5 pages at first. He blew through those and asked for more (it is VERY rare for him to ask for more paper pencil activities). 

Granted, he stopped doing the tracing portion after a while, but just putting pencil to paper and working on manuvering through a maze is great pencil practice!

You can find these mazes here: or by clicking on the image below:

7. Number Formation Write the Room

Maybe I should of named this post letter and number formation ideas since that's what a lot of these are! lol My son loves searching for things so I thought he would enjoy this write the room.

He loved this one and we did it several times! 

We watched this "Writing Numbers" song on YouTube first to help us remember how to form the numbers while we did the write the room:

You can find this number write the room here: or by clicking on the image below:

8. Math Unit Updates!

If you have been following along on Instgram, you might know that I commited to going through my math units and giving them all an updated look (and some new activities if I think of any good ones). From the end of March to mid June I was able to update all of these units:

Canadian Coins:


and Patterning:

And some of the centres in the Number Centres Bundle #1 has been updated as well!

And these Number Intervention Mini Books have been updated as well:

If you already owned any of these, just re-download the file to get the updated version! Since my oldest will be home starting Thursday, I don't know how much more I'll be able to work on this summer (I'm going to try to set some office hours at night but by the time I have both kids in bed I'm usually too exhausted to hop on the computer) but I'll keep you all up to date over on Instagram if I do get to any more updates!

9. Beginning Sound Egg Hunt

Another skill I have been working on with my son is identifying the first sound in words. He loved it when I hid letters in Easter eggs last year (for that activity I just had him match the letters to an alphabet chart) so I made this beginning sound egg hunt for us to do together!

The printables shown are from my "Beginning Sounds Write & Wipe: Easter Words" pack. You can find it here: or by clicking on the image below:

10. Carrot Hunt

I saw @exploringandlearninginfdk making these "carrots" with orange letter beads and green pipe cleaners and they were so cute I had to copy her! 

So I made the letter carrots and then made up this activity for my son to practice letter formation with.

I had him pick a letter, find it on the printable and trace it. We used green and orange skinny markers to make it a bit more fun :)

I added these printables (and printable carrots in case you don't have orange letter beads) to my "Kindergarten Spring Activities" pack! You can find it here: or by clicking on the image below:

11. Smoothie Recipe Cards

I made these for my son to play with. I wanted an activity with pom poms and tweezers to help with his fine motor development in a fun way, so I came up with this! I gave him some plastic cups, straws, pom poms, tweezer and the recipe cards and we took turns following the recipe and making each other smoothies!

He loved this activity and we played it a few times. This was originally a newsletter freebie but if you missed that newsletter, it has now been added to my "Kindergarten Summer Activities" pack on TPT! You can find that here: or by clicking on the image below:

12. Thank you for an AMAZing year! (FREE printables)

I always give gift cards for teacher gifts (because I always loved getting gift cards the most when I was in the classeroom) and I choose Amazon for the end of the year this year since they literally have everything! Craft supplies? Amazon. Books? Amazon. Treats for your treasure box? Amazon. 

I made a few printables to attach them to so I thought I would share them! If you need a last minute idea, I hope you can use these! If your kids are already done for this year, I hope you can save it for next year :)

I did a simple half page version with just "Thank you for an amazing year!" and a spot to put your child/family's name and the teacher's name.

Then I also made a version where you can ask your kid's about their teachers and fill them in! I love getting stuff like this for Mother's Day myself, so I thought the teacher's might like it too.

I also made a variation of that one with a spot to draw a picture, if your kiddos like to draw! Mine doesn't so I will be attempting the one in the first photo tonight, and then if that's a bust (he isn't a big fan of answering too many questions so we'll play it by year) I'll just use the half page version.

There is a version with both favourite and favorite. Please use the one with the spelling that is correct for where you live!

I also included a "You deserve a break!" tag that I was planning to use with Kit Kats but ended up not using. In case anyone can use it ;)

If you are starting your summer break this week, wishing you the very best and well deserved break!

xo Yukari