August Currently

Happy Saturday!

Today I'm linking up with Farley from Oh' Boy 4th Grade for her monthly Currently link-up!

Listening: Photograph - Ed Sheeran

If you followed my blog you may know that I love Ed Sheeran.  My favourite is still "Thinking Out Loud" but his new song "Photograph" is currently on repeat ;)

You can watch a video of the song here:

Loving: Blog Design!

I originally designed the Kinder Tribe blog last month and I had so much fun doing it! With the encouragement of my Kinder Tribe girls... I've decided to dive into a new venture!

Designs by Yukari hasn't launched yet... but here is a preview shot I recently shared on Instagram!I'm still working on some of the design aspects and getting all the fine details smoothed out...but I have already had 3 people contact me to design their blogs!!  I'm so excited (and a little nervous at the same time.. will I be able do this while teaching? Will I be able to make designs that they will love!?) to do something I love for others!

And since I should have a self-designed blog if I want to venture into blog design seriously, I worked on a redesign for my blog as well! It went live this morning! Let me know what you think!

And here are some buttons I designed recently!

Thinking: I love my Kinder Tribe admin girls <3

So I love these girls big time for all their encouragement and support in everything I do and feel so lucky to have found them.  Their encouragement gave me the confidence and push I needed to pursue my love of blog design! I designed the Kinder Tribe blog before the launch last month and they sent me this package to thank me (which was so not necessary... but they insisted!!) Look at all of the cute goodies from my favourite store... Chapters! I'm drinking from that adorable mug as we speak ;)

I truly love all the girls but Amanda from Mrs. Pauley's Kindergarten in particular is just the bomb dot com!!  She is just such a positive and supportive person!! I'm so glad I've gotten to know her through Kinder Tribe because I just love her so much!! If you need some positivity in your life you need to go check her out!

Wanting: New School Supplies!

I was at Walmart this week and saw all the B2S stuff out! Look at all the cute stuff I found below!

I wanted them all (how fun would those stamper markers be for patterning!?) but I exercised my self-control and kept to my list and just bought printer paper and a new set of flair pens... but I'm sure I'll be picking up at least half of these at B2S time (which for me is second week of September).

Needing: Summer to slow down!!

How is it August 1st already!? I have only read 1 out of the 4 PD books I planned to read over the summer, have only curriculum mapped half of term 1 for math (and nothing for language.. eep)... and just have so much I still want to do before school starts!! Can we please add another summer month between August and September? ;)

B2S RAK: A Welcome Back Gift

Every year I do a little gift for each member on our grade team on the first day of school to let them know that I am excited to work with them this year! Last year I did this but I don't have any ideas for this year yet! Does anyone have a suggestion?

That's it from me! Go link up with Farley with your August currently or if you don't have a blog, share with me in the comments below!!