Five for Friday: March 24

Hi guys!

How was your first week back from spring break? I have lots of freebies to share with you in my Five for Friday recap this week!


I am totally a write it down, check it off = productivity kind of person.  So when March break rolled around I knew I had to make up some goals and a daily scheduling papers to keep me on track.

I shared these originally on Instagram when I first made them but wanted to share them here too, since you can use them at anytime of the year! The goal setting sheet is completely editable so you can use it to fit your needs! I made a new one on the last day of March break and put #MARCHGOALS at the top and re-planned for the rest of March!

Click here or on the image below to download the editable goal setting sheet and the daily schedule sheet for free:


Again, sorry I'm sharing this so late! I made these for the first day back so the students could draw and write about what they did over March break.  They loved this and so many students wanted to write about what they did over March break!

I know it's too late now, but if you can use this printable for next year, you can grab them by clicking here or on the image below to download the sheets for free!


My group needs lots of practice with patterning this year! I have a core group who gets it and then lots who don't quite understand the concept yet.  So I try to have lots of patterning activities that I switch out every so that the centre is inviting for the students to visit.

This week we put out different sized gemstones and this patterning mat out.

The students were invited to make colour or size patterns.  This side is a little easier and the back side has more complicated patterns.  I told them the back side was a "challenge" and my high achievers flocked there! "Challenge" seems to be the magic word for my high achiever this year!

I just added these to my patterning unit on TPT.  Click here or on the image below if you are interested in checking them out!


This week our sight word was "yes" so after learning the sight word I set out this "Read & Answer" sheet at the writing centre for the kids to do.  

I purposely picked these animals because they appear in the level 1-7 books in our PM Benchmark books.  I love these because most students can complete it independently and it requires them to think because they have to answer each question based on their own personal preference.  I'm hoping to make more when our focus sight words lends itself well to this type of format!

You can grab this printable for free by clicking here on the image below to try it with your class:


I had a new kiddo start this week with a strawberry allergy.  They are not as common as nut allergies and I couldn't find any posters or letters already pre-made that I liked so I made my own.

If you could use them too, you can download them for free by clicking here or on the image below:

That's it for this week!
I hope you were able to get some ideas to use in your classroom!

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Have a great weekend!

- Yukari

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