Five for Friday: April 7

Hi guys! I hope you had a great week with your kids! I'm here to share 5 activities my kids have been enjoying this week :)


My kids always love these thematic word booklets! They are simple enough for them to complete independently and a great way to encourage them to work on their printing.

You can grab these booklets by clicking here or on the image below:


I saw this idea on Differentiated Kindergarten's April Fine Motor Morning Work Stations blog post and knew I had to try it too! The kids decorate the outline of the easter egg with stickers and count how many of each kind and how many stickers they used all together and record that at the bottom of the page.  I wanted to be able to use most of the stickers so I made a second sheet that has hearts, gems and bunnies.  

I bought my sticker book at Wal-Mart.

You can grab the printable with the hearts, gems and bunnies by clicking here or on the image below.  The first sheet with eggs, birds and flowers can be downloaded from the blog post mentioned above!


After we learned addition and subtraction I realized a lot of my kids were mixing up the plus and minus signs! So I came up with this game to help them practice distinguishing them.

This is a partner game.  Each partner gets an egg tray.  Partners take turns rolling the dice and adding or subtracting that many eggs from the tray.  I wrote +1 (twice), +2 (twice), -1 and -2 on a wooden cube to make a custom dice for this game.  The first person to fill up the tray is the winner!  The kids loved this game and played it over and over!


Here is another fine motor centre I copied from Marsha over at Differentiated Kindergarten. The eggs stay up right and stick to the cookie sheet because there is a magnet in it! You put a magnet in the tray and hold it in place with some plasticine. #brilliant

The kids are asked to take a sight word card and use the bunny tongs to grab the eggs they need and build the word.  They loved this centre! I bought the bunny tongs at Party City.

If you are interested in the sight word cards I'm used here, you can grab them by clicking here or on the image below:


Our sight word this week was "your" so we set out these mini books for them to practice with.

On the cover, students write their name, trace the word with their finger, trace the word with a pencil and then write the word on their own.

Next, they open up the book and trace "your" on the left hand side and write "your" on the line on the right hand side.

On the last page, they find and colour the circles with "your" in them.  Then they count and write how many times they found the focus sight word.

You can grab this printable to use with your class for free! Click here or on the image below to grab it!

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I hope you were able to grab some ideas to use in your classroom! Have a great weekend!


  1. Hi Yukari, I found you through Five for Friday several weeks ago and have since read many of your posts over my spring break. I also picked up a few things from your TPT store. I have relatives in Ontario and am curious where you live. Stop by my blog to email me. Thanks for posts and your many freebies! Kathleen

  2. I love the egg trays for adding and subtracting. Thanks for sharing your ideas. Happy Easter.
    Once a Teacher, Always a Teacher