Five for Friday: March 10

Hey hey! Is it anyone else's first day of SPRING BREAK???

I'm so excited and ready for much needed R&R but first I wanted to recap my week.  I know school may be the last thing on your mind right now but I hope you can use some of these ideas when you go back to school!


I had lots of St. Patrick's Day activities I had made from last year (you can see those here) but making centres is one of my favourite things about teaching, so I couldn't resist making a few more!

At this centre, students are invited to look at the pots and either read the numeral or addition sentence.  Then put that many shamrocks, pom poms or beads in the pot with the tweezers! Fine motor, 1:1 correspondance and number ID/addition practice all rolled into one!


We are focusing on addition and subtraction right now in math so I set out this invitation to show math with loose parts.  Students were invited to make number sentences (addition or subtraction) but were free too show other types of math as well (e.g. patterning, creating sets etc.)  The first day I set this out it was crickets... but then I moved it to a different table and the next few days so many kids went there and showed me some great mathematical thinking! Sometime's all a centre needs is a fresh location ;)


I saw this on @everythingfdk's Instagram and knew I had to try it! This was a HUGE hit.  So many of my kiddos need fine motor practice/scissors skills and some still need some shape ID practice as well.  This centre allows them to work on all of these skills! We had this centre out every day since last Friday and the table has been full consistently all week! At first we had circle, triangle, square, heart, star and hexagon but after a few days also added rectangle, diamond, pentagon, trapezoid, moon and octagon.

This centre also gave them an opportunity to talk about which shapes were easier/harder to cut which led to comparing attributes (e.g. the curves are harder to cut then the straight lines.  Squares are easy to cut because they only have straight lines.)

If you would like a copy of these cutting cards you can click on the image below to download them for free!


As mentioned above we have been focusing on addition and subtraction so we have been rotating through some addition and subtraction centres! I love these cards because it helps the kids practice so many skills (fine motor, 1:1 correspondance, numeral identification) in addition to the addition (does that make sense? lol).  My kiddos love anything with play dough so they loved these!

If you are interested in these addition play dough cards they are included in my addition pack on TpT.  If you already own the pack I recently added 41 new pages to it! Click here or on the image below to redownload it to get the updates for free!


I saw this post by Hefty on Facebook and thought these number line bags were such a great idea! I made them and set them out with some addition flashcards. I also added a recording sheet to the centre to support the kids who wanted to record their work. I love this recording sheet because you can add it to any centre! They are included in my addition pack on TpT as well.

I'm linking this post up with Kacey at Doodle Bugs Teaching for her Five for Friday link-up.  You can check out more Five for Friday posts by clicking on the image below:

That's it from me this week! I hope you have a great weekend and if you are on spring break as well a great spring break!

- Yukari

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