Five for Friday: November 11th

Hi! I'm here to link up with Kacey from Doodle Bugs Teaching and share 5 things from this week!


Our reading board is finally coming along! We started with our "3 Ways to Read a Book" chart, learned the sight word song (sang to the tune of Old MacDonald Had a Farm) and now we are working on adding Reading Strategies.

*The sight word changes each week to our focus sight word*

Here is a close up of the co-created Eagle Eye poster. Isn't he such an artist? 

You can download these co-created reading strategy poster templates for free by clicking on the image below:

When I first introduce the reading strategy of the week we add it to our Reading Strategies board that we keep on our whiteboard. I add each strategy card as I introduce them.

I also finally made my reading strategy lessons into projectable pdf slides! I throw these up on the projector and we have a quick, easy way to practice and reinforce our focus strategy for the week.

You can find the strategy board, posters and projectable lessons in my "Kindergarten Reading Strategies" pack on TPT. You can check it out by clicking here or on the image below:


My kiddos this year have been quick learners. Most of them are ready for more than just letters and letter sounds in isolation, so I have started to introduce them to CVC word activities and stretching and hearing sounds in words!

These CVC Read, Make & Trace mats are great because most kids can be completely independent with them. And I printed them double sided with a printing option if the tracing is too easily for them, so that they can easily flip it over and self-differentiate (is that a word? lol).

If you like these mats you can find them in my TPT store by clicking on the image below:


We have been talking about measurement in math. I had originally made these unifix names for the kids to figure out who has the shortest and longest name in the class and to encourage comparing the length of their names.

We also encouraged some of the kids to pick their name and a friends name, compare them by length and write about what they notice.

This writing template and all of my other non-standard measurement activities are included in my "Measure It Up" pack on TPT.


Last week our sight word was "like" so I made these little booklets for the kids to complete at centre time:

They loved this so much and asked for a booklet for this week's sight word "can" as well!

You can download both booklets by clicking on the image below:


Last week I hit 5000 followers on Instagram and I wanted to do a giveaway to celebrate. It just started yesterday, so if you are interested in winning a $100 gift card to TPT or Amazon click here on details on how to enter!

That's it for me for this week!

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Have a great weekend!

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