Teaching Integrity in FDK and Hosting an Integrity Assembly


I'm back to talk about the assembly we just hosted at our school.
At our school 2 teachers are in charge of putting together the character assembly each month.

Our character trait was integrity!

To teach the kids about integrity, first I told them the exciting news that we would be part of the assembly this month.  Then we jumped right in and started to learn "The Integrity Song"

You can find it on YouTube here --> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2RUWnfEFSK0

Then I asked the kids what they think integrity means.

We came up with the definition, integrity means doing the right thing even when no one is watching.

Then we read the book "Horton Hatches an Egg" by Dr. Seuss.

At the end of the story I told them this was an integrity story and that Horton shows integrity in the story by doing the right thing.  Then they shared how they thought Horton showed integrity.

Then we talked about how we could show integrity in the school. (You can see the ideas they came up with on the chart above.)

Then we picked a couple students to talk about integrity in the assembly and we practiced our speech.
The students worked with my ECE and wrote their ideas at centre time.

The speech at the assembly went like this...

Student 1: In Miss Naka & Mrs. Tyrrell's class we read "Horton Hatches the Egg" by Dr. Seuss.

Student 2: Horton says "I said what I meant and I meant what I said an elephant's faithful 100%

Student 3: I show integrity when I tidy my snack spot after I eat my snack everytime.

Student 4: I show integrity when I use nice words all the time.

Student 5: I show integrity when I sit criss-cross with my hands in my lap even when my teacher isn't looking at me.

Student 6: I show integrity when I only play the games that Miss Naka said we could on the SMARTBoard. (I laughed when I heard his idea!)

Student 7: I show integrity when I share spots with my friends without being asked to.  It is the right thing to do.

Studen 8: How do you show integrity? Thank you!

We also decided to film the song ahead of time so we combined our two classes and had them sing while we recorded a video on the iPad :)

At the actual assembly I was working the projector so I had my partner welcome the students/parents and introduce our character trait.  Then we played our integrity song video.

(Here is a screen shot of the beginning of our video.  I added the words (title & lyrics) using Movie Maker.)

After that my kids stood up and did their speech.  Oh my goodness.  They were amazing! I have some awesome public speakers!

We were so proud of their hard work for the assembly this month.
I hope that this post can give you some ideas if you are in charge of an integrity assembly!


Five for Friday: March 26

Aaaand that's a wrap for another week!
Here we go again with another Five for Friday!

I finally got my BINGO products listed in my TpT store!

Here is a picture of my differentiated number ID bingo (the set with numbers 11-20).
The number bingo also includes 1-10 and 21-30.
I print them on different coloured cardstock and pull groups at each level for guided math.

 I also listed my pre-primer sight word bingo as well!
I might make primer as well when my kids start to need it but my kids are either at needing pre-primer words or far past sight word lists!

Click on the pictures below if you would like to see the products in my store :)


I found these frogs at the dollar store and I had to have them!
I'm always looking for fun new ways to practice measurement!

I made up a recording sheet to go with it.
The kids hop the frog from the tape on the desk and then measure how far the hop was with the paper clips.  Then they record it.  After 6 hops they need to determine which hop (first, second, etc.) was the longest hop and which hop was the shortest hop! I'm sneaking in some ordinal review in there as well ;)

You can download the recording sheet for free by clicking on the picture above!

I picked up some Easter stuff while I was at the dollar store too so I made up this quick centre!
I'm sure you have seen this one before as it is all over Pinterest.
The students turn the eggs and make a word.
Then they determine if it is a real word or a nonsense word and then record it in the right column.

 Again you can download the recording sheet for free by clicking on the picture above :)

Fonts & graphics for both freebies by: Bubbly Borders & More, Whimsy Clips and Kimberly Geswein Fonts

I went to Party City tonight to look at their Easter goodies and decided that for Halloween I am going to be Rainbow Dash (My Little Pony) this year because I want an excuse to buy and wear this adorable tutu!! haha

Aaaand I'm so flattered to be chosen as the featured blogger on Teaching Blog Addict's Freebie Friday!  I'm linking up again as I have two freebies in this post :)

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Five for Friday: March 20

Hi guys... I'm back! 
and joining Kacey at Doodle Bugs Teaching for her Five for Friday!

Back from where?

If you follow me on Instagram you might have seem some of my photos from my week in Maui, Hawaii already! We had such an amazing time!!

First to recap the food:

JAPENGO: We both thought this was the best food we ate on the trip!
If you stay at the Hyatt Regency or any resort in walking distance from it, you must check it out!

On the first night we had the Japengo fried rice, misoyaki alaskan black cod, blackened ahi roll and the SWAT roll!

We went back on our last night there and I had the grilled ahi tuna.
The fish was so fresh and the garlic fried rice on the bottom was to die for!!

UMALU: If we didn't go off the resort for lunch most days we would have eaten here all the time! Their lunch menu was extensive with lots of original and delicious looking items!

My boyfriend loved the sliders and the pork fries were also amazing.

SHARK PIT: We visited two food trucks and this one was my boyfriend's favourite.  I liked them both but this one was definitely more fusion and packed a saucier flavour punch. I had the taco combo and chose the spicy shrimp and fish tacos.   He had the hawaiian patty melt (which he raved about) and we shared their famous corn on the cob.  The owner/chef is also super friendly and makes you feel welcomed right away which was really nice :)

ONO TACOS: These felt a little more authentic.  I had the taco combo with a shrimp and fish taco.  I liked the shrimp one better and would get 2 shrimp tacos next time!
The pickled onions were a nice touch and they had lots of sauce options (self-serve) so you can taste to your liking!

ULULANI'S SHAVED ICE: We luckily had one of these famous shaved ice shops right in our resort by the beach/pool so I was able to eat it by the pool a couple of times (sigh.. take me back!)

I loved the mochi on top.
This one is Sunset Beach (guava, mango and passion orange) which was my favourite.
And definitely get ice cream on the bottom if it's available!
It made it super creamy and extra delicious <3

STAR NOODLE: We were recommended by our friends to try Star Noodle so we went there for lunch one day.  It was BUSY but the wait wasn't too long (they said 30 minutes at first but it couldn't have been more than 10).  And the food came out SUPER fast! We tried the hapa ramen, ahi avo and the steamed pork buns.  If you like tuna and/or avocado you MUST get the ahi avo!! My boyfriend isn't a big fish eater but he even said it was delicious!

We both agreed that the best thing we did on the trip was Road to Hana.
It's a drive that stretches more than 100 miles with beautiful scenery along the way.
We stopped at multiple locations such as the painted trees, lava tubes, waterfalls with natural pools, red sand beach and Haleakala National Park.

"Painted trees" just past Paia.

My boyfriend jumping into a natural pool.

Red Sand Beach was awesome but a little dangerous to get to! The path is narrow and right along a cliff... I was nervous the whole time! Swimming in the water here was one of my favourite experiences though so I definitely recommended it if you can make the hike!

The bridge right before the bamboo forest at Haleakala National Park.

The bamboo forest at Haleakala National Park.

Good eats and scenery is great, but the real reason we were all in Maui this week was for the wedding of two of my closest friends! I have known the bride and groom since my second year of university.  They are amazing wedding photographers and two of the most genuine people I know.
If you are looking for a wedding or engagement shoot photographer in the Vancouver area, definitely check out their website!

 My boyfriend and I at the beautiful Maui Dragon Fruit Farm where the ceremony and reception took place.

Loved all their beautiful details... 
Seating cards were hand calligraphed by the bride!

First dance!
The lights were so beautiful <3

THE RESORT: Our resort was right along Kaanapali Beach so we spend a bit of time every day walking or just relaxing on the beach. The sand was so fine and felt wonderful on my feet!

We also spent one day by the pool but we definitely prefer the beach!

Okay I'm going to include at least one thing teaching related!! lol

I was asked to share the template for the sight word structure sheets I made and shared on Instagram last week. My kids loved this activity! I got the idea originally from @thekinderteacher! Go follow her on Instagram if you don't already!

 And click on the picture below to download these sheets for free!

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That's it for me!

Now I'm off to work on my plans for next week and figure out what we are going to do for our character assembly which we are in charge of on Friday!! If anyone has done anything great for integrity please let me know!