Classroom Reveal 2016

Hi friends!

I love when other people post about their classroom set-up so today I thought I would show you ours! This is the first year that I am in the same room as the year before. We had a set-up that worked well so we kept it very similar for now.

Here is a look from my teacher desk:

This picture was taken before the first day of school.  You can see that my walls are pretty bare! We will be filling them up with the student's work, co-created board titles and anchor charts very soon.

Here is a look at my teacher desk:

It will probably never be this clean until the last day of school..

On my desk, I keep a bin for misc. things that I need to look at before it gets filed/sent home etc., my supply caddie, my three-hole puncher, tape, stapler, my coffee, teacher binder and my clipboard (where I keep my weekly checklist and lesson plans/guided group plans for the week on).

Behind my teacher table, I keep my binders and my sterilite drawers.

You can grab my binder covers, spines and teacher binder printables by clicking here.

Near my teacher table is our sand box. For the first week I decided to not open sand yet and instead, make this a lego table! 

Students are encouraged to make a plan, draw their plan and draw their creations.

Across from the sand table we have this grey table. This week I put some alphabet play dough mats, alphabet cutters and play dough out for the students to explore.

 You can find these alphabet play dough mats in my TPT store here.

Our dramatic play centre is currently a kitchen.
We have very few things in the kitchen to start and will be adding things with the kids.

Here is our cubbie area! Each student gets a cubbie. Their names are on the little chalkboard clips. Extra clothes go in the bin and their indoor shoes go in the box below.  Outdoor shoes go under their cubbies.

 Here is a close-up of one of the cubbies:

I got the chalkboard clips at Dollarama.

Here is my whiteboard.

For the first little bit I hand write the daily schedule.
I take pictures during the first week and once we get into our normal routine, I post the daily schedule with schedule cards.

Our word wall is under our whiteboard.
You can find my word wall pack here.

Our creation station is super simple right now.
Just blank paper, glue, scissors, markers and crayons.

I put out the Alphabet Linking Chart at our writing centre this week for the kids to get familiar with it. I encourage them to draw a picture, label their picture and/or copy letters and words.

 This alphabet linking chart is included in my "Step by Step: Kindergarten Writing Plans".

Here is another provocation I set-up on one of my tables.

Students are asked to create letters with pipe cleaners.
Great for fine motor practice and letter formation!
I set the pipe cleaners out with these mini wooden letters that I found at my local dollar store.

On the same table I also set out my alphabet rocks with salt trays. Students were invited to create words and letters in the salt with their fingers or with a paint brush.

My kiddos love dry-erase boards and books so I always have this out!

You can find the printing books here.

We store our wooden blocks on this shelf.
The bin on the bottom left has our building books and structure photos to use a reference when building.

And here is our bookshelf for the first week!
I change my books out weekly to keep the kids excited about reading at the bookshelf!

That is my room for this year!

Of course it is just the "base" and the kids will be adding so much of their work and learning to this space to really make it "our" classroom. I can't wait to watch our classroom transform as the year progresses!


  1. How do you run your learning centers? Great set up too ��.

    1. Hi Nicki! I set out centres based on student interest and needs and I allow them to go to whatever centre they want (as long as they keep to the number set for that centre). For example we only allow 3 students in the construction centre at a time. I either pull guided groups during this time or go around and document/extend learning at the centre and plan for next week's centres based on what I observe. I hope that answers your question!

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