Monday Made It: August 15, 2016

Hi guys! I'm linking up with Tara from 4th Grade Frolics for her Monday Made It linky to share some things I made this week!

Desk Organizer

Now I don't know if this really counts as a made-it... because I didn't do all that much lol but Michaels had these for 40% off and I stacked my teacher discount (15%) on top of that to get this heavy duty desktop carousel for only $24! Plus I had a gift card so technically I spent nothing. #winning

When I got home though I realized that the compartments were way deeper than I anticipated! I did a quick google search and found that other people had used vase fillers or coffee beans so that their pens and pencils stood up and at the correct height.

I bought 3 bags of clear vase fillers from Dollarama to fill the smaller compartments and then I added coffee beans to the large compartment in the middle so my Mr. Sketch markers were standing and at the right height. If you don't like coffee you can use just vase fillers but the coffee beans smell SO GOOD.

I also cut up some felt and added that to line the bottom of the drawers.

Then I made some simple labels to go in the label holders to show what's in the drawer.

If you would like the labels (white out, paper clips and erasers) you can download them from google drive by clicking on the image below!

Here's a final look at what I put in the different compartments:

Left to Right, Top to Bottom, Back to Front:

1: Dry Eraser Markers / Chalk Markers, Exacto Knife
2: Scissors, Hole Puncher / Highlighters
3: Highlighters, Mechanical Pencils / Glue Sticks
4: Twistable Pencil Crayons / Flair Pens
6: Black Sharpies /  Sharpie Paint Pens
7: Ruler. Scissors / More Highlighters

Middle Compartment: Mr. Sketch Markers

My teacher table is usually a #hotmessexpress so
I'm hoping this will help me keep my teacher table a little more clutter free!

2016 Teacher Binders

Does rainbow order make anyone else happy?

I'm not going to lie, I'm a decently organized person.
One area I was seriously lacking was organizing my papers though!
I would have teammates come and ask me "Do you have a copy of ___________?" and I would be digging through papers to find it. I knew I had it... I just didn't know where!
(Ok so maybe I'm not so organized after all.. lol)

Anyways I reorganized my binders and gave it pretty labels and tabs so I'm hoping this will help!

Of course the most important is my teacher binder!
I take this with me everywhere I go!

Those rainbow tabs though!
#allthehearteyes #irealizehashtagsdonothingonblogs

The sections I have in my teacher binder are:

- calendars
- planning
- curriculum
- general info
- pd & meetings
- misc.
- masters

I love having 2 page spread calendars so I have lots of space to write down important dates.

This page is in my "masters" section and I make a copy each week and plan out my to-do list for each day! I write them in order of importance (like if I need it for period 1 on Tuesday I write it FIRST on Tuesday morning or Monday after school.

Do you use a teacher planner? What does yours look like?

* EDIT *

By request, I've added the binder covers, spines and printables for my 2016-2017 teacher planner to my TPT store. You can click on the image below if you're interested!

Kindergarten Writing Bundle

This one was a labour of love and I'm so happy for it to be done and ready to go for the coming school year!

I struggled with teaching writing to my Kindergarten kids the first two years.  This year I finally felt like I found my groove! I included all of my tips and favourite lessons for teaching writing, my writing bulletin board cards, information on how I run guided writing and all the printables you need for it!

I hope you love it as much as I do! And if you struggle with teaching writing I hope this will make it more fun for you and your kids!

Here's a preview of some of what's inside each one!

Closet Labels

Another project I finished off was my closest organization!

I have a walk in closet with build in shelves, but until this summer I had a few random bins and lots of clothes just thrown on the shelves...

So I rounded up some bins (I already had most of these on hand but had to buy a couple more so that I had a uniform look. The white bins are from Dollarama and the clear bins are from Home Depot) added some labels and threw my clothes in the appropriate bin!

I just used double sided tape to attach the labels to the bins. It worked like a charm!

My favourite label by far... HA!

I do have 1 pair of "athletic pants" that I keep in there for school "sports days" like the Terry Fox Run or Play Day... but other than that this bin is full of leggings lol

Phew that was a lot! I hope you were able to take away an idea from this post! Which made-it did you enjoy seeing the most?

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Happy Monday!


  1. Oh boy! Now I need to convince my husband that I need to go buy a bunch of bins to organize our open shelves up in our bedroom- your closet looks amazing... and I had a good chuckle about your athletic clothes label haha! Thanks for sharing!

    1. Haha thanks! Open shelves look SO much better with matching bins! Good luck organizing your closet <3

  2. Can I just say how much I love your organization both in and out of the classroom?! And yes, rainbow order just makes my OCD heart sing ;) I love how you put felt in the bottom of your caddie! Would never have thought of that. Visiting from the Monday Made It linkup!

    Sliding Into Second Grade

    1. Thank you Kelly! I try to be organized! It helps me get less stressed out! Thanks for visiting and leaving a comment!

  3. Love your ideas! So cute and organized. Are your calendars and binder covers/spines available for purchase on TPT?
    Thanks! :) Happy back-to-schooling!

    1. Hi! I wasn't sure if anybody would be interested in them since I'm not able to make them editable. If you are interested though, I will get them up on TPT sometime this week!

      Thanks for visiting and leaving a comment!

    2. I loved the binder labels too! I need to make a Teacher Binder this year so I can find everything.

    3. Thanks Jennifer! They are up in my TPT store if you are interested ;)

      White & Rainbow Teacher Binder

  4. Your organization makes my heart happy! Love the rainbow colors.

    1. Thank you! I'm hoping those binders will help!

  5. What GREAT organization for your Monday Made It; you must feel so relieved to have everything in order!! Love your caddy, binders, and closet!!

  6. Look at you go! Man I need to get on top of things! Starting with binders!

  7. Love all of your organization ideas! I just found out I'll be starting a part time LTO in JK/SK next week and am having a bit of anxiety about getting myself ready. Do you offer your numeracy or literacy assessments in a bundle?


    1. Hi Susan! What % is your LTO? (0.5? 0.7?) I'm going into my fourth year of K and I STILL have anxiety about the first day! The literacy assessments are set-up by my school (we use Marie Clay's Observation Surveys and PM Benchmarks for running records). I am thinking about putting my numeracy assessments in my store but I have updated them to align with the new curriculum and want to test it out myself before I put it in my store.

      I am hoping to do a "Peek Inside My Assessment Binders" type of blog post mid-September so if you are interested please follow my blog! You can also email me at if you have any questions about K. Just take it slow, get to know the kids, model your expectations/how to wonder/how to interact with the classroom and you should be set for the first few weeks (if not the month!). Good luck!

  8. Thanks! I'm looking forward to it, and just anxious for it to start and meet all the kids. I'm going to be 0.4 in the afternoons for at least the next few months.

    I'd love to see a peek into your binders, especially with the changes to the curriculum now! I will keep an eye out for that post!!