Five for Friday: September 23

I'm back for some Five for Friday!

 1. Chalkboard Cubbie Tags

I found these chalkboard clips at Dollarama and fell IN LOVE. I decided to use them for our cubbie bins this year! These would also be great for your writing wall too!

2. Tactile Number Cards

I wanted some tactile number cards but all the options I looked at online were pricey.. so I made my own! I bought these felt stickers and wooden rectangles from Michaels. To make them, just peel & stick! Easy peasy!

The pack of felt stickers has letters and numbers so I'm planning to make an alphabet set soon!

3. Salt Tray & Alphabet Rocks

Salt writing has been a hit in my classroom! They have been making letters, numbers, shapes, lines etc! This was the first salt tray activity we did. The rocks and tray is from Dollarama and the wicker basket is from Value Village.

I had the students write with their fingers or paint brush but, q-tips work even better! Ever since we discovered how well the q-tips work we have been using q-tips!

4. Collect & Count

Here is another centre that is perfect for the beginning of the year! I set out a basket of pom poms with a variety of fine motor tools (clothes pins, different tweezers). The students were encouraged to collect pom poms and count them.

5. Curriculum Night Scavenger Hunt

We had our Curriculum Night (i.e. Meet the Teacher Night) and my teaching partner shared this awesome scavenger hunt idea for it! 

It's a little hard to see in the picture, so it says:

Curriculum Night

We hope you enjoy your visit to our classroom!
Please remember that all play centres are closed.
Please do not allow your child(ren) to take out toys to play with.
Have fun on your Scavenger Hunt with your child!

- Introduce your family to your teachers.
- Find your name on the word wall.
- Find your cubby.
- Show your family your special hat you can wear outside at school. Be sure to put it back into your bin.
- Show your family your Book Box and explain how you use it.
- Show your family the daily schedule and tell them about your favourite part.
- Show your family how to use one of the table top activities.


This was a huge hit! The families who came loved it! 

I hope you were able to snag some ideas you can incorporate into your classroom!
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Thank you for reading! Have a great weekend!

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