March Currently

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This is my current favourite song!
If you haven't heard it yet you can check it out on YouTube by clicking here.


Last month we sorted the crayons into these clear cups instead of having bins of crayons with random colours.  I have a few kids who scribble and are just plain lazy but this new system has really helped them stop and think about the colours they need for their picture rather than just grabbing the closest thing in the crayon bin!  They are only allowed to take one crayon at a time and they have done a great job keeping them sorted too.

Apart from the colours you see above I also have cups for pink, metallics, skin tones, brown, black, grey and white.


Until I was making my March calendar a couple days ago I totally forgot that March break was in.. well.. MARCH! And with Easter being in March this year we barely have any teaching days this month! Crazy.


I'm dying to write more blog posts but I just haven't had the time to take and edit the pictures I need for them! I have blog post ideas lined up for St. Patrick's Day activities, composing numbers, addition and problem-solving.  I'm hoping to get a couple written this weekend and over March break!


We are knee deep in addition right now in math.  I have a higher group academically this year and I don't have too many resources for addition or subtraction (which we'll be moving on to soon). I'm going to try to work on a couple things this weekend but here is an activity that is always a hit! I made up a quick recording sheet this morning so that we could do this activity this afternoon.

Anyone else's kids obsessed with Shopkins?

You can download this printable for free by clicking on the image below!


Farley wanted to know if our school was used as a polling site.
It is and it's a regular work day.
I have read on some other blogs that it's a teacher work day for some schools!
How nice is that?

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  1. Hello! I enjoyed reading your post! I also need to make more centers. I feel every year, I need to make more and more centers. I love small group centers but the preparation at times can be grueling! I like the idea of the clear cups for the crayons. I can relate to your wanting to write more blog posts! I feel the same way! I really need to get better with my blogging.

    have an awesome week!


  2. I also am a fan of color coding all things in the class including crayons! I think I wrote a blog post about this in the past. I'm also a John Legend fan! Thanks for sharing! Enjoy the rest of your week! The countdown is on!

  3. Love that song too...I tend to sing along way to loudly! LOL!! And how could I have not put Spring Break on my Currently!?! Woo hoo!! Hope you have a great one!!