St. Patrick's Day Activities for Kindergarten

Hi guys :)

I'm sharing some fun, hands-on St. Patrick's Day themed activities today!

I hope you can use them in the upcoming weeks!


1. End of the Rainbow Find and Trace

I threw in multi coloured magnetic letters (lowercase a-z) into a bin filled with black beans and had the students find and trace the letter with the colour of the magnet.  My kids need lower case letter printing practice so this was a fun and fresh way to practice!

If you would like to try this activity out, you can download the tracing page printable that you see in the picture above by clicking on the image below!

2. Sight Word Shamrock Memory

I found these foam shamrocks at the Dollar Tree.  I just wrote sight words on one side and the kids played sight word memory with them!

3. My Book of St. Patrick's Day Words

This little booklet was a hit around Valentine's Day so I decided to make a St. Patrick's Day version! The words included are shamrock, rainbow, leprechaun, gold coins and horseshoe.

For each word the kids colour the word, trace the word, print the word and colour the corresponding picture.

This booklet is available separately here or by clicking on the image below.  You can also buy it in a bundle by clicking here.

4. Green/White/Orange Rice with CVC Cards

I spray painted some plastic magnetic letters gold and threw them in with some coloured rice to give the CVC centre a new twist!  The kids pull out a letter and match it to the correct CVC card.  Perfect to practice stretching and hearing sounds in words!

5. Sentence Builders

I tried these for the first time last week and they were a hit! 
The kids are asked to trace the sentence; cut the bottom of the paper, cut out the boxes and glue it in the correct order, check their sentence wit the mini writing checklist and colour the corresponding picture.


1. Pot of Gold Number Order

I hole punched the sides of these cards and the kids practiced putting numbers in order from 1-10 or 1-20 with linking chains.

2. Pattering Cards

I bough some cute St. Patrick's Day themed mini erasers from Party City I made some patterning cards to go with them.  The kids were making all kinds of patterns at this centre! (They weren't limited to the patterns on these cards but they were there for kids who needed the support)

3. Skip-Counting Puzzles

We just wrapped up skip counting and the majority of my kids still need more practice with counting by 5 so I made this skip counting puzzle and corresponding recording sheet.  The QR code at the top of the recording sheet takes the kids to "The Counting by Fives Song" by Scratch Garden on YouTube.  This allows the kids to practice skip-counting by 5 before they start the activity or self-check at the end.

All of the printables shown above (except for "My Book of St. Patrick's Day Words") are in my "Kindergarten St. Patrick's Day Activities" pack on TPT. You can click here or on the image below to check it out.

Here is one more freebie for you for reading to the end :)

I read this info sheet to the kids to help build background knowledge about St. Patrick's Day when we first start talking about it.

You can put it up on your SMARTBoard or use a projector to project it on a screen.  Click on the image below to download it for free!

Have a great week!


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