Five for Friday: March 25

Hi everyone!

I'm linking up with Kacey at Doodle Bugs Teaching to share 5 things from this week!

1.  Easter Egg Sight Word Flip & Trace

This one was a surprising hit this week! I wrote the sight words on the back of these foam easter eggs and set them out on a table with the recording sheet.  The kids flip the easter egg, read the sight word, find it on their sheet and trace it.  They keep going until they trace all the words on the page.  

I got the foam eggs from the Dollar Tree!

I have some foam bunnies as well so I think I might have to make a second version for next week!

If you would like the recording sheet click here or on the image below to download it for free!

2. Stamp a Pattern

I found these cute self-inking stamps at Dollarama last weekend and had to have them! I have so many ideas for ways to use them but for this week I set them out with this patterning recording sheet and had the kids stamp patterns.  They did so well with this and it was a HUGE hit!

You can download the recording sheet that I used by clicking here or on the image below.

3. Easter Egg Number Match

I love creating centres with Easter eggs! There are so many things you can do! I needed a quick math centre so I just wrote the number 1-10 with a sharpie on the top half of the egg and dots to match the number on the bottom.  Then I wrote the numbers 11-20 on the top half of the egg and tallies to match on the bottom.  The kids had fun "hunting" for the eggs and matching them!

4. Following Student Interest & Fostering Student Engagement

A couple weeks ago a student brought me a book from his book box and asked me if we could make the game in the book.  Ever since we did that activity kids have been coming up to me with different books and ideas for games and centres for our classroom.  I love that they are pursuing their interests so I try to create or co-create the activities as often as possible.  

This week a student brought the book pictured above, "Making a rabbit" and asked me if we could make a rabbit like the book.  We never do pre-cut crafts like this but she is someone who is shy and never asks for anything so I wanted to make sure I showed her that I valued her initiative. 

I told the class that "Z" had come to me with this idea and I/we read the book together to learn the steps.  Then we practiced retelling the steps and I told them about some small changes I made (e.g. instead of gluing the mouth on I told them we were going to just draw it on with a marker). 

The next day, I pre-cut the shapes except for the cuts on the whiskers and set it out in a tray with the book.  The kids had so much fun making the rabbits and it was a nice tie in with the Easter bunny that they had been excitedly talking about all week!

5. Counting Bear Addition

We're wrapping up addition and used this "Counting Bear Addition" as a centre and as a summative assessment.  To play the students will roll the colour dice and the number dice into the bin.  Then they put that many bears of that colour on their mat.  Then they roll the 2 dice again and put that many bears of that colour on the mat.

Then they write or build the number sentence at the bottom.

This printable is part of my "Add It Up!" unit on TPT.
You can click here or on the image below to check it out.

I recently wrote a blog post all about how I taught addition this year. 
You can check that out if you are interested by clicking here.

That's it from me! I hope you have a great (hopefully long) weekend!


  1. Your centers look so cute and fun! You make me miss teaching kindergarten!

  2. My kinders love your do I because they are so engaged! Thanks