Peek at My Week: April 6-10

I am joining Deedee at Mrs. Wills Kindergarten for her Peek At My Week linky for the first time!

Basically you share your timetable and what you are going to teach.
Let me say Deedee is a superwoman for putting these up every single week!
I was able to do one because it's a long weekend but I don't think I could commit to every week...
They are a lot of work to put together!

Here are some things you need to know about my timetable...

I work with an amazing ECE who does a lot of the input for our inquiries.
I usually work with my LLI group during this time.
She is away on Friday so I will be skipping my LLI group that day and will be teaching a lesson on living things.

Also for the SMARTBoard Calendar we do a very short version.
I use the monthly calendars from this website.
At the beginning of the month we talk about special events of the month (holidays, birthdays etc.) and we write those in.

For every other day, we review the month, we add the date and then we add a day to the "How Many Days Have We Been in School?" slide.  I made this slide up by myself.  I will try to get a screenshot and share the file when I get access to my school computer!

*Please click on the picture and download the pdf for clickable links to all of the resources I use!

You can click here to read more about my Shared Reading and Independent Writing routines.

We have just wrapped up graphing and did a quick review on addition so I'm busy assessing this week to see where the kids need more practice! I will form more guided math groups based on the assessment data I gather this week.

I don't have enough pictures to share the language and math-based centres that I put out so I will try to get pictures this week and have that ready for next week's peek at my week! (I'm hoping to link up again next week!!)

Have a great week!

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