Earth Day Activities for Kindergarten

I'm popping in to share some activities we did this week for Earth Day!

The FDK expectations we focused on were...

S3.2 describe what would happen if something in the local environment changed

S3.3 identify ways in which they can care for and show respect for the environment

We started by activating schema and figuring out our misconceptions...

Then we read some books and watched some videos to broaden and deepen our understanding of the ways we can care for the Earth and why we do it.

Here are the links to for the videos:

Going Green by Harry Kindergarten
Happy Earth Day by Betsy's Kindergarten Adventures
The Lorax (Original) by Dr. Seuss

We also did this writing + craft and put it up in the hall.
I got the idea from Michelle of Apples & ABC's.
You can see the original pictures here.

Here they are out in the hall!

On Earth Day we made these Earth day hats that the kids loved!

If you would like to download the template for the crown you can click here.

We also learned about composting as a way of reducing garbage.

I picked through our garbage can after snack (with plastic gloves on of course!) and showed them some of the things we can compost (I was lucky that they had lots of healthy snacks that day and we found cantaloupe rinds, orange peels and banana peels!) then we made our little compost critter! The kids are excited to see how the food scraps will change as it decomposes!

This compost critter activity is in Cara Carroll's Earthy Day pack "What a Wonderful World!"
You can find it on TpT here.

I hope you can use some of these ideas for next year!

What are your favourite Earth Day activities?

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  1. I really admire your thoughts. Kids should know about environment safety and we should teach them how we can care for environment. My daughter who is in Phoenix kindergarten is learning making crafts these days. She is really happy and excited these days.