Throwback Thursday: 2 Easy Christmas Crafts

Happy New Year! How is your first week back going?
I was scared my kiddos would forget all the rules and routines for school being away for two weeks but they have actually blown me away these first few days!

Today I'm posting about some easy peasy crafts that I meant to post in December.
I hope you can save them and use them this coming December!

First up is Paper Plate Santa Clause!
I got this craft idea from Pre-K Pages.

All you need are:

- white paper plates
- cotton balls
- glue
- red, pink and black crayons

I had these shortest to longest Christmas trees prepped for the last day of school before break... but then I got the flu! I took my first sick day ever! Since I had prepped them already I put them out during math centres this week :P

I got this idea from Mrs. Lee's Kindergarten.

All you need is red, green, yellow and brown construction paper and some chalk!
If you have paint I made the snow on my sample with white paint and q-tips and that looked good too!

If it's the first time you are seeing these crafts, I hope you can add it to your Christmas craft arsenal for next Christmas!

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