Five for Friday: January 9

I'm linking up with Kacey from Doodle Bugs Teaching to share five things from my week!

Brrr it was COLD this week!
We were at almost at -30 with the wind chill on Wednesday!
Since we couldn't go outside to play in the snow my ECE had them play with these "snowballs" instead!

They turned out so cute and the kids LOVED the activity!
Plus it helped used up the stale marshmallows from our 3D figure unit.

I dipped my feet back into close reading and did a close read on "Squirrel's New Years Resolution" this week! I was planning to do this craft with the kids this week but we only got to the writing portion :( So they are all prepped and ready to go for Monday!

If you want the template for the craft (face and hat) and the writing paper you can download it for free by clicking here!

One of my goals this year is to make more sight word centres!
I have lots of alphabet stuff but my kids this year are pretty high and most of them can identify letter names and sounds quite well.

This is the first sight word centre that I made!
It's a simple sight word bingo but since I want them to play independently I made a few minor tweaks.

Here is how I ask them to play:

- up to 4 people can play at this centre at a time
- each player takes 10 bingo chips
- choose who goes first (rock-paper-scissors if necessary)
- the first person draws a sight word card from the bag (I'm planning to get a small cloth bag so they can't see through it)
- then they must read the sight word to the other students and then place the card on the cookie sheet (there is a little piece of magnet on the back of each card)
- pass the bag to the next person and repeat until someone gets a full card

Since everybody gets to be a caller there are no fights over who gets to be the caller and by placing the cards on the cookie sheet the students who don't know the word can look and match the letters.

So far it's working great!

A couple months ago our school got adopted by Walmart and since then we have gotten donations every now and then.  This morning we got a huge one! There was 5 big boxes filled with all kinds of stuff from Christmas ornaments to toy lizards.  These are the goodies I grabbed for our class! Gift bags, file folders, neon bingo dabbers and sterilite bins! The sterilite bins are so sturdy and I think they will be perfect for storing centres! I was super excited about finding those :)

Since my boyfriend is away all weekend on a guys trip, I'm planning to start and write a good chunk of my reports this weekend! I stress stress stress about writing report cards so hopefully by starting early and doing it in chunks it will be a little less stressful! Here's to hoping!

That's it from me!
How was your week?


  1. I love the snowballs with stale marshmallows! Perfect! The Bingo game is great, too! Good luck with report cards. I have to do mine, too...Have a great weekend!

  2. Thanks for visiting and leaving a comment Carolyn! I still haven't started mine.. oops! Good luck with yours too!