Writing Freebie: My Favourite Activity Is...

This is a little late but I wanted to share our writing piece that went up on our WOW Work (writing) wall for October.

First, the kids brainstormed their favourite activities and I wrote them down on chart paper.  Then I put these activities out at centre time and walked around and took pictures of the kids engaged in their favourite activity.  I send these photos to be developed at Walmart.

When the photos were ready I picked them up and glued them on to the writing paper.  Then I called each student over and worked with them on their writing.  We are doing this activity again in the spring to see if there are any changes in interest and to show their growth in writing!

Here are some student samples!

"My favourite activity is dinosaurs."

"My favourite activity is house centre."

If you want these writing papers you can download them for free by clicking on the picture below!

I hope you can use it!

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