Easy Christmas Parent Gift: Card & Gift Bag

Last week I posted about these cute and CHEAP parent christmas gifts that we were making.

Today I wanted to share the gift bag and card we made to go with the handprint rudolph ornaments!

For the gift bag, we used brown paper bags and set out Christmas colour paint (red, green and white) and Christmas cookie cutters.  The kids dipped the cookie cutters in the paint and stamped the shapes they wanted.  When they were finished my ECE sprinkled some glitter on top!

This is the front of the card.
Each student got to pick a red or green card and decorate the front of the card with holiday shaped stickers.  My ECE found these stickers at Dollarama :)

For the inside, my ECE photo copied the template and wrote each student's name on the "Nice" side of the Naughty and Nice list (that's why that part is blurred out).

Then the students wrote who they were giving their gift too, traced Merry Christmas and wrote their name.

Finally, my ECE attached the outside and inside of the card with a piece of twine.

Once all of the pieces were done, we put the ornaments inside and stapled the card to the back of the bag to keep it shut.  

We have about 15 more bags to stuff and staple!

Do you have a go-to gift, wrapping trick or card?

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