Cheap Christmas Parent Gift Idea!: Handprint Rudolph Ornaments


Just wanted to pop in and share this cheap parent gift that we started making for our families today!

First I just want to mention that my ornament was inspired by this reindeer ornament I found through Pinterest by Everyday wih the Jays

Here is a link to what her class did:

Now please believe me when I tell you that these are a hundred times cuter with their little faces and handprints but since I can't share those here is the example that I made:

The picture is pretty self-explanatory but here are some step-by-step instructions on how we made it.

Materials Needed:

- brown paint
- light brown or tan paper (we used kraft paper)
- popsicle sticks
- small red pom poms
- a photo of each student's face (we did them in black & white)
- a roll of ribbon or twine (I think red polka dot ribbon would look SO cute but I didn't want to spend any more money this month so I went with what I already had on hand)

Before you start...

- prep the frames by hot gluing 4 popsicle sticks together per student
- write the names of each student on the back of each frame
- write the name of each student on the back of each piece of light brown/tan paper that you are going to use for the handprints
- take a photo of each student up close and print them out


1. Make 2 brown handprints per ornament
2. Cut out the handprints
3. Get the students to paint the frames
4. Once the paint is dry cut the photo (if necessary) so that they fit behind the frame 
(my pictures ended up being 4" x 4")
5. Glue the pictures on the frames
6. Glue/Hot glue the hands at the top behind the photo.
7. Hot glue the red pom pom on the nose
8. Hot glue the twine onto the back of the ornament
9. Have the students write their name and the year with a fine tip sharpie

That's it! It takes a little bit of time getting all the hand prints done but after that it really isn't too bad! Plus the only thing I had to buy to make these were the sparkly red pom poms since everything else was already in our cabinets! 

I hope you are able to use this idea if you are in need of a cute, cheap holiday gift for your parents!

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