Five For Friday: November 14

I'm linking up with Kacey at Doodle Bugs Teaching for my first Five for Friday post!

I finally have enough pictures from the week to do one of these!
Here we go.

On Tuesday we had our Rememberance Day assembly.
It was organized by the 7/8 teacher and she did a fantastic job!
One of our jobs for the assembly was to make a poppy.
Our class grabbed all things red (tissue paper, feathers, dot markers, red stickers etc.) and filled up our hearts with the red.  A small group worked on filling the paper plate with all things green.  My ECE assembled it at the end.

Even though it's a little messy (and that feather hanging off at the bottom is driving me a little crazy!)
I love it because it's kid work and created almost independently by the kids!

We wrapped up measuring length this week so I had my kids trace their shoe, cut it out and measure how long it is with the counting bears.  It was a great way to see who got the concept and who needed more practice.  If you want to grab the recording sheet for this activity you can click here.

We started working on ordinal numbers this week.
I made this anchor chart to teach my kids about ordinal numbers and for them to use it as a reference!
It is my favourite anchor chart yet this year!

Some of my students are obsessed with dinosaurs, so when I found these at Target I snatched them up! So far we have been using them for making numbers, sorting and patterning.

We had a lot of kids away today so I really got to sit down and work with a lot of my kids one-to-one.  This is my independent/free choice writing table where they get to draw and write about whatever they want.  This little guy in the bottom picture is such an artist! He wrote "I am playing a Flash game".  After we did this page he asked if he could do 2 more pages.  Makes my teacher heart happy when they enjoy writing :)

That's it! Happy Friday!!


  1. Looks like you had a great week! Your ordinal numbers anchor chart is fantastic. Thanks for sharing.

    Luv My Kinders

    1. Thanks Laura! I usually don't spend that much time on an anchor chart but was feeling motivated one day after school :)

  2. I love the idea of measuring their shoes!! I will need to try that. I will also need to see if my Target has little bags of animals - those would be great for math!
    I love meeting fellow kindergarten bloggers - I am glad you got to link up for Five for Friday! :)

    1. My Target also had "Mystical Ponies" which looked like horses with wings? lol My Target had lots and have had them for a while now so I hope you can find some!