Comparing Temperature in FDK

This month we are focusing on the M2.1 expectation in mathematics which is compare and order two or more objects according to an appropriate measure (e.g. length, mass, area, temperature, capacity) and use measurement terms.  This week we focused on temperature for 2 days.

First I read this book "Hot or Cold" and talked about the hot and cold things we see in each picture.

Then I asked the students to come up with something that is hot or cold (either from the book or their own idea) and we put them on this chart.  We did 5 of each the first day and added 2 more for each column the second day.

Then during centres students worked with an educator to complete this hot and cold t-chart.

This was my example.

(Sidenote: I'm loving these clear photo frames I got at Dollarama, they are great for displaying centre instructions, exemplars, mini anchor charts etc!)

And here is some student work!

 Simple yet effective... exactly how I like it!

Do you have any fun activities for comparing temperature?


Added 08.11.21:

I now have a full non-standard measurement unit with lesson plans and printables! Click here or on the image below if you are interested in taking a look:

I also now have a digital non-standard measurement unit! Click here or on the images below if you are interested in checking that one out:


  1. Whose the author of the book?

    1. Hi Matthew!

      Sorry I'm not sure who the author is :( It only lists the illustrator. I got it for free at a math and literature pd I went to last year. Here is a link to a similar book in the same series

      A Pinch of Kinder