Activating Schema: Community Helpers

This week we dived into another guided inquiry, community and community helpers.

The FDK Personal & Social Expectation is:

3.1 recognize people in the community and talk about what they do

3.2 recognize places and buildings within their community, both natural and human-made, and talk about their functions

First my ECE led a discussion on what students saw and where students went on Halloween.
This led to some of the students using the words neighbourhood and community.

Then they discussed what a community is, what we do in a community and things we see in a community.

On the second day we brainstormed people who help us in our community.
They knew a lot of community helpers!

Then I read these two books and added the jobs that were introduced in these books to the "learned" portion of the chart.

After we developed a list of community helpers, we voted on which community helper they want to learn about the most.  Suprisingly the top 3 were teacher, bus driver and veterinarians.

We will start with their wonders on teachers on Monday.

Stay tuned ;)


  1. Your littles did a great job of listing all their community helpers. Another great book to use is "Who's Tools are these?" My kiddos loved guessing what job would use the tool that was shown. Have a great week!

    Luv My Kinders

  2. Thanks for the book suggestion Laura! I will check if my local library has it :)