September Currently

Here is another thing checked off my blogging bucket list!

My first "currently"!

I'm linking up with Farly from Oh'Boy 4th Grade :)


To nothing... and loving it!
I'm going to have enough noise when my kids start tomorrow and
my boyfriend comes back from Vegas tonight so I'm enjoying the 
silence for just a little longer ;)


My new Babaton blouse.

My mom got this for me as an early birthday present.
It is so comfy and great for wearing to school.


My new principal really encourages PD which is awesome.
She gave me 2 books already to read but with all the back to school 
preparation, I haven't touched either! I'm going to try and start this one 
(Guiding Readers: Making the Most of the 18-Minute Guided Reading Lesson) tonight!


New fall clothes.
Although really when do I NOT want new clothes?
Here are some things that are currently on my wishlist..

I want one in EVERY COLOUR! 
These sweaters are so comfy (but pricey too..)
I want this "Heather Quarry" colour most but have my eye on 
the navy and cream as well :)

I already have a leopard print scarf.. but I really like this one as well!
One can never have too many scarfs right?

I have these boots in cognac and I wear them all the time so I want them in
 black too! Although I need to replace my cognac ones soon too 
as they are getting really worn down..

I am short with short legs so the 
regular adult hunters don't work well for me :( 
I want to try the kids size ones since I heard they are shorter!
The pink is calling my name but I might 
end up playing it safe and going with good old black.


I start school tomorrow so I like to get everything done 
(clean the house, do the laundry, make dinner for a few days, 
get lunches for the week ready etc.) today so that 
I can relax when I come home this week (because I'll need it!) 

3 Trips:

1. Hawaii: One of my best friends is getting married in Maui 
next year so this is one that will definetly get crossed 
of the bucket list! So excited!

2. SDE Kindergarten Conference in Vegas: I would love to meet 
some of my favourite bloggers and attend the conference! 
Maybe in a few years :) 
My dream is to see Cara Carroll present! 
Love that lady!

3. Italy: This is purely because I love Italian food (pasta, pizza..).  
I have never been to Europe before 
and I've heard so many great things!

Link up with Farley to share your currently! :)


  1. I just wrote down your book: Guided Readers. It looks great! I am going to check it out. Also, I sure do LOVE NEW CLOTHES!

    1. It does! I need to start it tonight because I know I will not get to it when school starts!

  2. I love shopping and getting new clothes, but I am super frugal (cheap)! Is it funny that I have never heard of the brand Babaton? The gray sweater does look comfortable though.

    1. No, not at all! Babaton is a Canadian brand sold at Aritzia. I think they have a few stores in the states now but I don't think many people know the store unless they are Canadian :)

  3. Italy is a lovely destination - from here in England I've been able to visit a few times and I can definitely see you being at home there not only for your love of their food but I think their fashion would also be right up your street looking at the clothes you're wanting! Have a brilliant September and make this the year you come over to Europe :-)
    Special Teaching at Pempi's Palace

  4. Thanks for the info! Now I want to visit Italy even more! We are hoping for an Europe trip within the next few years :)