Classroom Management: The Quiet Police

Just wanted to quickly stop in and share a classroom management strategy that has been working well in my class this year!

This year my kids have to get ready in the hall.  My ECE and I both decided right from the start that we were going to aim for a calm, quiet space when we are getting ready.  So we implemented "The Quiet Police".

This is how it works.  The special helper of the day is the quiet police.  Once he/she is ready and at least half the class is ready (they sit against the wall when they are done) I call the quiet police to walk up and down the hall.  They are looking for the 3 quietest friends.  When only one or two friends are left for getting ready I ask the quiet police to stop and announce the 3 quiet friends.  Those 3 get a sticker!

Sounds simple enough but it has really been working well! I have vetoed some decisions when they were just picking their friends and the chosen students were being noisy or were the last few to get ready.  We talk about why and what makes a good choice/poor choice for a quiet friend.  They catch on quick!

I hope someone can use this little trick :)

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