Recap: The First Week of Kindergarten!

Phew! Although there is no tired like beginning of the year teacher tired, I have to say that I have a really lovely class.

We started the week off by reading "Chu's First day of School".  In the book Chu's teacher asks each student to say their name and something they love doing.  So after I read the book we sat in a circle and we all shared one thing we love doing.  We practiced using the talking stick so we knew when we were allowed to talk.  We used the sentence stem "My name is ______ and I love to _____" to help us.

In the afternoon we read "I Don't Want to Go to School!".  After the story each child voted YES or NO to the question "Did You Want to Come to School?".  We counted and recorded the answers and decided which one had more.

Llama Llama Misses Mama and The Kissing Hand can be found online

Click here for Llama Llama Misses Mama
Click here for The Kissing Hand

After we read "The Kissing Hand" the students shared how they felt on the first day of school and we recorded their feelings on this chart.  I got the idea from The First Grade Parade.  See her post on it here. (My hand accidently has 6 fingers... oops!)

We read "David Goes to School" and sorted "What to do" and "What NOT to do" at school.

Click here to download the word cards for this anchor chart.

We also read "Pete the Cat Rocking in My School Shoes" and went on a school tour! I asked them to listen to the rooms I am introducing and we compleated this Rockin' School Tour chart when we got back.

During centre time we completed our "Me at the Beginning of the Year" page.

This was a diagnostic to see if they could print their name, draw a picture of themselves and follow one-step directions.  This page can be found in Tara West's "Teacher's Taking Back Their Weekends Aug/Sept Edition".

We also took first day pictures...
(Printable from Yellow Bliss Road)

voted and decided on our GoNoodle class champ.. (McPufferson won by a landslide!)

did some Brain Breaks...

practiced using gentle hands with our centre activities, using indoor voices and sharing with our new friends.

This week we are working on names! I'm hoping to be back with a recap of our name activities next week :)

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