Primary Polka Dot Teacher Toolbox

Last week I finally went out and bought materials to make my teacher tool box! 
I have been wanting one of these for about 2 years and finally purchased the organizer.  

The one I bought is the Stack-On 22 Drawer Storage Cabinet from Lowes.  
If you are looking for the same one, you can also find it online here: 

Here is the finished product!

These labels were the first items I posted in my TpT shop! 
The non-editable ones are free.
You can get them by clicking on the button below.

The editable version is $2.00.  Click on the cover to see it on TpT!

Have you made a Teacher Toolbox before?

If you have a blog post about your Teacher Toolbox leave the link in the comments!

I love checking out other people's toolboxes!

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