Organization: A Full Year Calendar Freebie

It is day 3 of Blog Hoppin's Back to School Linky and today's topic is organization.

I try to stay organized but to be honest it takes a lot of effort.
I can use all the help I can get!

One way I keep myself organized is by making my own calendar and typing/writing
in all the days I already know will happen this school year before school starts.
That includes holidays, no school days, PD days, holidays we celebrate in the classroom etc.
That way I (almost) never forget special events and meetings!

Another thing I added this year is the "Big Ideas" column on the right.
I did this last year but I was constantly just writing it in by hand.
This way I can jot it in at the beginning of the month and it will help me plan.

I am going to print these calendars, hole punch them and put them in my teacher planner
so that I can quickly flip to it during the day

I'm offering these calendars for free!
They are August 2014 - June 2015.
I made them in black and white so it is nice and ink friendly :)

Click on the picture below to download the freebie!

Hope you can use it!

How do you stay organized?

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