Looking Forward To A Bright Year!

Hi! I've been blog stalking for a couple years now and this week I finally decided to go for it and start my own blog!
I hope you will be able to use some of the ideas I share!

Today I made these "Looking Forward To A Bright Year" gift for my teammates.
I will be part of an 8 person Kindergarten team and am super excited to get to know them!

To make these...

1. Buy something bright to attach the tags to! 
I went with these Crayola Pip-squeaks that I found at Dollarama.

2. Download the tags by clicking on the image below.

3. Print your preferred tags on cardstock.  I included two types.  
The second one uses less colour ink (I know ink is expensive!!)

4. Cut the tags out and punch a hole at the top with a hole puncher.

5. Use some ribbon to attach it to your markers!

I hope you can use this freebie!


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