Recap: January 2024

Happy New Year!

I hope you had a great holiday and are getting back into the swing of things at school! We had a great holiday :) Both kids didn't want to go back to school but they have been rotating being sick so one or the other has been home most of the month :P Still, I've been able to complete some things I'm excited about (and you were too based on your responses to my sneak peek stories on Instagram!) so I'm excited to share them with you!

1. Letter Formation Practice Sheets with Phonological Awareness Practice + Mazes

The name is a mouthful and it pretty much explains this resource! I started making these during winter break because my son has recently shown an increased interest in printing letters and I wanted to capitalize on that! He can print most of his uppercase letters independently now, so I decided to do both upper and lowercase for printing practice (the uppercase portion gives him a sense of confidence and makes it more likely for him to attempt the lowercase portion).

Then I added a section of phoneme isolation of beginning sounds (identifying if a word begins with the focus letter and circling it). It also helps to build on vocabulary if you are doing it as a parent/teacher guided activity!

Finally I added several different phonemic awareness activities to the bottom left corner. These ones shows rhyming but some other early reading and writing skills I included are syllables, phoneme isolation (identifying where the sound is in a CVC word; beginning, middle or end) and blending CVC words and encoding CVC words!

I also added a little maze at the end (each maze is shaped like a word that begins with the focus letter!) to further build fine motor skills and for fun! My son loves mazes so I knew this would motivate him to try these worksheets.

Anyways, my son really enjoyed these so if you pick them up, I hope your students enjoy these too!

2. Lunar New Year Lessons + Centres

Another resource I was able to finish this month was this Lunar New Year pack! This one is near and dear to my heart as I grew up with many Asian friends who celebrated and they often included me in their celebrations as well (Japanese New Year (which is my heritage) is has some similarities but is celebrated on January 1st unlike Lunar New Year ;)

I was able to find some lovely read alouds to go with this unit and I hope you enjoy them too! The format is the same to the other cultural celebration packs I've created this past school year (Diwali, Hanukkah etc.) but a new activity was added to this one, the CVC missing letter cards!

I know many of you were waiting eagerly for this one and I hope you enjoy using it in your classroom! If you want to grab this you can find it in my TPT store here: or by clicking on the image below:

3. Sorting Cards FREEBIE

Little cars were a big interest in all of my Kindergarten classes (and now with my own two sons). I already have many activities using little cars (like the letter and number tracing mats, shape tracing mats in my 2D shape unit etc.) but I thought it would be fun to have a sorting activity so I made these!

Both kids enjoyed sorting the cars onto the correct roads! I made a couple different versions so you can print the ones that work best for the colours of cars you have (and 2 versions for the gray/grey page so you can print the spelling that works best for where you live!)

or by clicking on the image below:

That's it for now! I hope you enjoy the sorting freebie if you download and use it :)

- Yukari


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