Recap: November & December 2023

 Hi friends!

November was a bit busy (good busy but busy) and I couldn't start a blog post for it in time so here is I'm sharing all of the new stuff I shared over on Instagram and/or Facebook and TPT in this blog post and I'll also be adding December stuff as they come up until the month ends :)


The 3D figures unit got a face lift and lots of new activities were added too!

You can see more of what's included or re-download the file to get the updated file if you already own it here:


Graphing unit was also updated! Apart from updated graphics and fonts, I also added a bunch of simpler, pre-filled graphing sheets (this was requested by many of you) AND I added an editable version as well so you can add your own questions and choices!

Again if you want to see more or re-download it to get the updated file if you already own it, you can do so here:


You all loved the Diwali pack so much so I am hoping to do a whole new series of cultural celebrations/holidays! This month I was able to create Hanukkah and Kwanzaa!

You can see more of what's included in the product description on TPT here:


And here are some photos from the new Kindergarten Kwanzaa Activities pack!

Again, if you would like more info, you can see the product description and the preview for this resource here:


I made these for my kids to fill out and send to Santa this last week and when I shared on stories (on Instagram) over 200 people said they wanted a copy too! So here it is :)

I made my own because I wanted a simple letter that:

1. Didn't have them checking off if they were nice or naughty
2. Made them think about something nice they have done this year/recently
3. Had them write a few things they wanted, but knowing they will only get one of these things (helpful hack for parents so if they say a puppy we will have a back up plan lol)

I couldn't decide so I added all 3 types of stamps I had, gingerbread man, candy cane and reindeer!
My oldest chose gingerbread man and my youngest chose candy cane :)

You can grab this Santa letter template for free here: or by clicking on the image below! I hope you enjoy these if you use it :)


I made these to go with the gift cards I was giving T's teachers (I always loved gift cards the most as gifts as classroom teacher so that's what I always give to my kid's teachers) and some of you asked if I could share the printable so here it is!

I love including the kids and hearing what they say (I would enjoy this so I hope his teachers do to!)

You can grab this freebie here: or by clicking on the image below:

That's it for now! I hope you enjoy the freebies!


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