Weekly Round-Up: April 22

Hi friends! Today's post is super short, but I wanted to share a freebie with you (that you can use tomorrow!) so I decided to still post!


One area of need for many of my kiddos is identifying beginning sounds in words and paying attention to beginning sounds when reading emergent texts, so I made this centre up to encourage them to practice this skill!  Students look at the card, say the word, identify the beginning sound, look for the letter in the black beans and then match it to the beginning of the word.  Once they figure out all 8 words, they are invited to record their work on the recording sheet.

If you are interested in trying this centre with your kids too, it is in my "Kindergarten Spring Activities" pack on TPT.  You can click here or on the image below if you want to check it out!


We are starting Canadian Coins this week!  The kids usually love this unit so I'm looking forward to teaching them all about Canadian coins!  I have an old blog post about teaching money in Kindergarten.  Click here if you are interested in reading it!

I updated the clip art on "My Book of Canadian Coins" booklet last summer so I made a new sample to put out at this centre for the kids to use as a reference.  

You can grab this booklet in my "Canadian Coins for Kindergarten" pack on TPT.  Click here or on the image below for more information!


My group this year loves to share their work with their classmates and also loves to share what they did on the weekend with me.  Since I can't sit and talk to 15 kids on Monday morning, I started setting this paper up at the writing centre and told the kids if they write about their weekend, they'll get to share it with the class during morning meeting.

I have a class of pretty independent writers, and even the kids who are not able to write too much on their own yet know a variety of strategies (use the words in the question, use the word wall, ask a friend) to get some writing down.  If they only do a picture independently, then I will scribe for them at morning meeting with a highlighter and they can practice tracing over it during the next centre block.

I also usually grab this paper and make it our writing task for my Monday morning guided reading group.

Here is a completed weekend writing by one of my SK's from last week! 

If you are interested in grabbing this writing paper to try with your kids, you can get it for FREE by clicking here or on the image below:


Ok so I know this is super belated since Easter was a month ago, but I forgot to post about it when I first took this picture and I thought if I shared it now someone might be able to use the idea for next year!

I saw this idea on the Ontario Kindergarten Teachers facebook group (I can't remember exactly who posted.. if it was you let me know so I can give you credit!) and thought it was a easy, cheap way to have a little Easter fun!

All I did was grab plastic Easter eggs (I had a bunch lying around from over buying last year), put a chocolate egg and an Easter sticker inside, tape the egg shut and write a short message on the sticker label and stick it on the Easter egg!  I wrote their name on each one so they could only hunt for their Easter egg!

I wrote "Dear ____, Hope you have a great Easter long weekend! Love, Miss Naka" on the sticker label.  If you are more organized then me and you are not making these the morning of, you could also type and print them onto the sticker label!

My kids have gym period 9 so I "hid" the eggs around the room while they were out of the classroom.   When they came back I asked them to sit on the carpet and told them we were having a small Easter egg hunt before home time.  I told them that there was an egg for each student so to only take the egg with their name on it.  Then I also put out their mail bags on a table so they could grab their mail bags after they found their eggs and start getting ready for home.  We reviewed classroom rules (no running, no screaming etc.) and then I let them hunt for their eggs!

I loved how quick and fun it was for the kids!

That's it from me this week!

Hope your are having a great weekend!

- Yukari

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