Teaching Money in FDK

Today I'm popping in to talk about all the money fun we have been having in our class lately!

The FDK expectation for money is..

NS1.10 explore different Canadian coins, using coin manipulatives

First we started by watching the song Canada in My Pocket by Michael Mitchell.

Then we used my coin posters to learn the name and value of each coin.

Sidenote: Sorry about the glare in some of these pictures... lamination and classroom lights are not friends... ;( 

We also added these word wall cards to our math word wall so that the students could use them whenever they needed.

At centre time we worked on sorting coins by kind...

and many students completed this "My Book of Canadian Coins" booklet.

On the second day we watched this Canadian Coin Song.

and I also introduced them to the Coin Spot game from TVOKids.com which they LOVE every year.

Update: I just found out while teaching Canadian Coins this year that this game is no longer available on TVO kids.. which is so sad because it was such a great game! If anybody knows of a good alternative please let me know!

I introduced a few more new centres...

Here is a patterning centre using coins:

On the third day I introduced them to the coin poem...

and then left it out as an option to de- and reconstruct the poem during centre time.

My ECE pulled a small group of kids who were not quite fluent with coin names and values to work on co-constructing this anchor chart.

For a challenge I put out these add and match the value cards one day for my high kiddos...

and we also played "Feed the Piggie"

The students pull a card from a jar, scan the QR code (which takes them to an audio clip of me reading the sentence) and then place the correct coins "in" the piggy bank. Then they were asked to write how many coins are in the piggy bank.

If that was too easy there was a challenge option which included writing the number of cents and dollars in the piggy bank.

If you are not familiar with QR codes and would like to learn more click here!

If you are interested in any of these activities you can find them in my newest product

Click on the pictures below if you are interested!
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My kids are really fluent with coins now and we are ready to move on!

Do you have any tried and true money/coin teaching ideas for Kindergarten?


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  3. Any way this could be available in French...?

    1. Hi! Sorry, I don't speak French so am not able to offer that :(

      Thanks for the interest!

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