Weekly Round-Up: September 8th

Hi friends! How was your first week back at school? I have the sweetest class ever and I am enjoying them so much already! But I am finding it difficult to get into the swing of things.  My new school is a late start school and the dismissal bell doesn't ring until 3:40! By the time our last student is picked up I feel like I have such little time before I need to pack up and leave to go home and make dinner! I'm hoping to get into a better routine soon :)

Anyways, I used to do a Five for Friday post but since that linky is not being hosted anymore I thought I would pop in every Friday and do a weekly round-up type post.  This way you can come here if you need direct links  of things you see in my Instagram posts! So here are some of the activities we worked on this week!


I always set out lots of name activities the first week of school so I can find out if my students can recognize their name and the letters in their name.  It is also great for encouraging the students to learn each other's names! I already had the uppercase letter beads from last year (I bought them from Michaels) and had just bough some lowercase letter beads from Learning Resources so I set them out with these name cards and encouraged the students to build their names! They did a great job with this!

You can grab these editable name matching cards in my FREE name bag file by clicking here or on the image below:


As usual, my new group loves play dough! I set out these name play dough mats and some alphabet cookie cutters I found at a local dollar store.  You can grab these play dough mats in the same free editable file I mentioned above by clicking here.


This activity was a hit last year and a hit again this year! I read the students the book "How Many Bugs In a Box?".  Then I showed them how to put bugs in a box, ask their partner "How many bugs do you think are in my box?" and have their partner guess a number between 1-10.  The partner would grab the number card that matched their guess.  Then the opened the box and counted the bugs to see if the guess was right.  They loved this activity and it's great for one-to-one correspondence, numeral recognition, building community and oral language!


I had these mats set-out with play dough the first few days but switched it with loose parts near the end of the week.  They loved this one! Students were asked to build letters with loose parts using the tongs.  The tongs are great for building strong finger muscles, which benefits all learners but especially those who are working up to printing with a pencil!  You can find these playdough/loose parts mats you see above by clicking here.

The white tray and letter beads are from Walmart. 
The wooden cubes and rocks are from Dollarama. 
The pom poms are from Michaels. 
The tongs are from Dollar Tree. 

Ok that's all I have for this week! I'm going to try to be better about taking pictures next week so I have more to share! Have a great weekend!

- Yukari

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