Weekly Round-Up: September 22

Hi friends! I'm back with another weekly round-up. I hope you can grab some ideas to use in your classroom!


My kiddos absolutely loved this provocation! I introduced the challenge and the students worked on making the tree that held the most letters! It imbeds counting, engineering and critical thinking.  I got this idea from Preschool STEAM.  I loved that the students showed perseverance as they kept tweaking their tree to create the strongest tree!


Here is a simple provocation I set out to practice counting manipulatives.  We read the book "Bear Counts" last week and we set out some bear counters with ten-frames and number cards.  Students were free to create stories with the bears as well in addition to counting them!


We started working on 2D shapes in math this week! First we worked on identifying shapes. At this centre students were invited to trace the shape and shape word with a dry erase marker.  I printed my dry-erase book 2 to a page to create these mini dry erase cards.  They are in my 2D shape unit!

We also set out these shape mats! We used them with both flat marbles and play dough! The kids practiced creating shapes and making connections to where they see shapes in their lives!

You can also find the shape mats in my 2D shape unit here.


I found these mini Etch-a-Sketch's at Dollar Tree at the end of August and pulled them out this week as a different way to practice letter formation and mark making! I set the Etch-a-Sketch boards out with my lowercase letter formation cards to encourage the kids to practice printing lowercase letters.  You can find these cards in my TPT store here.


I mentioned these last week and I'm planning to put these out weekly as extra practice for our weekly sight word! My kids are doing a great job printing the sight word and reading the simple sentences!

You can find this "I" booklet in this product and in this bundle.


I don't know what it is about them but every year the kids flock to this keyboard centre! I found these keyboards at Dollarama years ago.  I set them out with my tactile letter cards (I made them by sticking felt stickers onto unfinished wood rectangles; they can both be found at Michaels).

The kids practiced picking a card, finding it on the keyboard and typing it.


We also worked on identifying rhyming words this week!  We practiced matching rhyming pairs with these rhyming mats whole group and then left them out as a centre for the kids to practice with independently.

I put magnets on the back and put the mats on cookie sheets so that the card stuck to the cookie sheet and gave it a more tactile feel. The kids did so well with these!

I put these mats in my store so if you want to grab them you can click here or on the image below:

That's it for this week! I have my bachelorette party tomorrow and my wedding next weekend so I might be a little bit MIA this coming week.  If you email, DM or PM me I might be a little slower at responding. Please be patient with me and I'm hoping to get back to my regular schedule by the 2nd week of October!

Have a great weekend!

- Yukari

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