Classroom Update: June 10

Hi guys! I'm just popping in to give you a quick update on our classroom happenings and share some freebies!


I got this awesome idea from the Ontario Kindergarten Teachers facebook group (you will have to request to join, as it is a closed group).  I love how open-ended it is!  I choose 10-12 items, put them in a basket and added the instructions and an alphabet linking chart.  

This little gal choose the drum and followed the instructions perfectly to draw and label her drawing! The colours even match the drum! #girlaftermyheart

You can grab the instruction card for free by clicking on the image below:

The alphabet linking chart is from my Step by Step: Kindergarten Writing Plans.  You can find it in my TPT store by clicking here.


We always start holiday/special day stuff early so that we are not rushed the week it needs to go home.  For Father's Day this year, we kept the card SUPER simple.  I just folded some white cardstock in half and had the kids decorate the front however way they liked.  

Here is my sample.  I made my card for my soon to be father in law, so I drew a picture of him on the cover.

For the inside, I gave the students the words to cut out and glue in order.  The kids filled out the blanks how they wanted (Recipient's name, their name).  The ones who wanted to also added a sentence or two under "Happy Father's Day!"

You can grab these word cards to cut out by clicking here or on the image below:


I originally saw this photo on Pinterest and thought it was super cute.  So I decided to use the idea for our Father's Day gift!  First, I had the students fill in the blank for "My dad is SUPER because ____" with a dry-erase marker.  Then I put a mask and cape on them and I took their picture.

I just used felt, hot glue and velcro to make the mask and cape! I used these patterns from Busy Bugs for the cape and mask.

The frames are just 4 popsicle sticks hot glued together! We have LOTS of popsicle sticks so this was a super cheap gift to make! Then, the kids painted their frames and added stickers after the paint dried.  At the end we taped their picture to the frame and added some magnets on the back so their dads could display their gift on the fridge :)

I think it turned out really cute and the kids enjoyed making them for their dad or the special person in their life of their choice :)


Here's a math centre idea I got from @playexplorelearn's Instagram that the kids loved! Just set out some paint with wine corks and have students stamp a pattern! Easy to prep and my kids love anything that involve paint so it was a hit all week like I suspected :)


I can't believe this will be the last piece I'll be putting up on our writing wall for the year! A week before our Celebration of Learning, I'll be taking it down and making them into a book that they can take home at the end of our Celebration of Learning (a little event where we invite the parents in and share about what we have learned this year in Kindergarten).  

This month's book was "My School Day" by Leilani Sparrow and the prompt was "In the story, "My School day" by Leilani Sparrow, Bear talks about different things he does at school.  What is your favourite thing to do at school? Why?"

Here are some examples by my kiddos.  They were 100% making my day with these sweet sweet writing pieces <3

 "I like school because I like to play with Miss Naka and I love Miss Naka.  I will miss Miss Naka in Grade One." #cuethetears

"My favourite thing to do at school is to see Miss Naka.  Seeing Miss Naka is my favourite because she is pretty."

You can download this writing sheet for free by clicking here or on the image below:

You can find the writing checklist in my Step by Step: Kindergarten Writing Plans on TPT.

That's it from me this week! I hope you were able to use some of the freebies in this post! And did you know we only have 14 more teaching days until summer break? (I'm not counting the PA Day at the end) We can do it!!

- Yukari

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