Five for Fraturday: May 20

Hi guys! How are you all doing? I'm taking a little break from report card writing to share with you some things from this week included a free printable that was requested by multiple people on Instagram! Here we go :)


This was such a fun, easy prep activity for the kids! I got this idea from @learninginroom122 on Instagram.  

All you need are some book orders, glue, scissors and blank paper.

Have the students cut out books, glue them on the paper and add them up!

Here's a sample by one of my kiddos:

If addition is too tricky for some of your kids then you can also have them just count and write the number! Easy to differentiate!


I finally had the opportunity to play this game with the kids on Friday!

How to play: Each player starts with 4 hexagons.  Take turns rolling the dice and placing the shape you roll on one of your hexagons.  The first person to cover all 4 hexagons wins!

 It was fun seeing how they negotiate taking turns, following rules etc. and it was also great for me to see their spatial awareness when covering the hexagon.

Balancing the pattern blocks on the hexagon was a bit of a challenge for some of them too! It was great fine motor practice though!


For this activity, I just filled a Vitamin Water bottle with beans and letter beads (A-Z) and set the bottle out with this printable.  The students were asked to find letters, trace them on the sheet and check it off.  The challenge was to try to find all 26 letters.

I shared this activity on Instagram and had multiple people ask if I would share the printable.  So here it is! Click here or on the image below to grab the printable for free:


We started a new inquiry this week so we took down our Earth Day bulletin board.  Earth Day stuff is  not inquiry (I was going to change the heading to "Belonging and Contributing" but ran out of time.. oops) but I used this board for the few weeks we were focusing on it.  I had a lot of fun teaching it this year, maybe because I was well planned and knew I was teaching each activity with intention! I used my new Earth Day unit which has 8 detailed lesson plans and corresponding anchor chart pieces!  I'm hoping to put together a full Earth Day blog post sometime in the near future to show you details of each activity you see on the bulletin board and more!


I was planning my math block for next week on Thursday night and realized I could just pull out my probability unit, print the lesson plans and I would be ready to go for the next week and a half! It saved me so much time and allowed me to focus on writing some COL's instead and maybe actually enjoying my long weekend!

So I thought hey, why not share some of that time saved with people who follow my Instagram? So I'm hosting a quick giveaway over on my Instagram account.  It closes in 3 hours, so hurry!

Click here or look for the photo below on my Instagram page for details on how to enter!

If you missed the giveaway but are interested in either of these units you can find the Telling Time unit here and the Probability unit here.

That's it from me this week!

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Happy long weekend!

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  1. I like the letter hunt and how the pieces can't get lost because they are all enclosed in the bottle. Enjoy your summer.
    Once a Teacher, Always a Teacher