Recap: August/September 2023

Hi friends! I'm going to try to do a monthly recap of new things I'm sharing over on Instagram and TPT, since I know links can be hard to keep track of over on Instagram. So here are some things I shared in August/September!


This has been requested many times in the past, so this summer I put together my first week forms to share! It includes dismissal forms, student information forms and also a page with links to other freebies that I have offered in the past for the first week, including the editable Meet the Educators letter!

I also included my initial assessments so it's easy peasy to start assessing whenever you have a minute!

You can also find it in my Back to School Bundle. You can find that bundle here:


Another resource that was highly requested was an "All About Me" activity for the beginning of the year, so I created these this summer! I think it would be so cute as a bulletin board for "Meet the Teacher/Open House" and then made into a class book once you are ready to take it down :)

Here's mine with what I think Kindergartener Yukari would have said 😆

If you would like to grab this editable file, you can find it here: or by clicking on the image below:


My own little guy (just turned 5) is working hard to improve his pencil skills. He isn't a big fan of pencil work, but these were such a big hit! 

Usually it's like pulling teeth having him sit down and practice any kind of pencil work so I was thrilled to see him enjoying these! He even asked for more when we were done!

If you are interested in grabbing these, they are now available in my TPT store. You can find them here: or by clicking on the image below:


Two skills my son is currently working on is his pencil control and isolating and identifying beginning sounds in words, and he LOVES mazes, so I made up these for him to practice those two skills!

It was a just right activity for him as most of the pages he could do independently and a few pages he needed help figuring out the initial sound.

If you have kiddos who you think might enjoy this activity, you can find it in my TPT store here: or by clicking on the image below:


Now that my oldest is back in school, I'm starting my math unit updates again! This past spring I decided to go back in and updated all of my math units, and so far Canadian Coins, Probability, Time, The Number Sense Centre Bundle, 2D Shapes, Sorting and Patterning were updated in the Spring/Early Summer.

And this month, Non-Standard Measurement was updated! Here's a look at some of the new/updated pages:

If you already own this measurement unit, you can get the updated version for free! Just click here: and re-download the file to get the updated version!


This is similar to the "Plate Detective" freebie I've shared in the past but when I found these Star Wars plates, I knew I had to grab it and make an activity for my Star Wars obsessed son! I used a silver Sharpie to write the letters and invited him to find the letters and trace them on the recording sheet.

I purposely included only letters with horizontal and vertical lines, as I wanted him to be able to do this one as independently as possible and build his confidence.

If you could use this freebie too, you can download it by clicking here:

or on the image below:

- Yukari

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