Inquiry: Animals in Winter - Part 2 - Migration

Hi friends! I'm here to share part 2 of our animals in winter inquiry!

If you're interested in reading part 1, click here.

First here are some of the books I used/had on our bookshelf during our inquiry (mixed in with some Chinese New Year books.. lol).

The books I used in lessons were:

Why Do Animals Migrate? by Bobbie Kalman (not pictured)

First we investigated the question, "Where do whales go in the winter?" by reading the book Migration of a Whale (Amaze) by Tanya Kant.

On the first day, we just read half of the book.  Then we talked about what migration meant and worked on finding the sentence in the book that explains migration.  After the lesson I had a student come and record our new learning.  She drew a gray whale to show her new learning.

The next day we read the rest of the book.  Then, we made this whale migration map together.  I cut out the green construction paper and glued it onto the blue to make the map.  The students helped to make the labels for the various areas of the map.  Then they helped to colour the whales gray and glue it on to the map following the example in the book.

Then, I had one of my kids copy these two sentences from the book to help show what we learned about the migration of whales.

We added these pieces to our inquiry bulletin board:

 Next we learned about the migration of the Monarch butterflies by reading the book "The Migration of a Butterfly (Amaze)".

At centres they were encouraged to show how butterflies and whales migrate using these felt maps and story stones (both handmade by me).

The next day I invited students to create symmetry butterflies with black glue and water colour paint to put on our bulletin boards! I drew an example of what half a butterfly might look like so the students had a model to look at.  Then I also showed them how to only make a design on one side of the paper, fold the paper over gently and open it up to see their symmetrical butterfly.

The next day they could paint their butterflies with brown and orange watercolour paint! They LOVED this activity!

While we were making our butterflies, I had the student who originally asked where butterflies go in the winter time come and record the information she learned from the book.  We referenced the book to record the sentence!

We put her sentence up on the bulletin board and put the butterflies around them.

Next we learned about where birds go in the winter.  I read the students a few pages from "Why Do Animals Migrate?" by Bobbie Kalman and then the kids were invited to draw and label birds that migrate.  They could choose from a bird they learned about in the book or they could use the "Birds that Migrate" card I quickly made up and pick one from there.

Finally, I had students complete this writing activity.  If you were an animal, would you rather hibernate or migrate? Why?

This was a great way to assess their understanding of the vocabulary we learned throughout this inquiry!

If you want to grab this writing paper or the migrating birds labeling recording sheet, you can grab it for FREE by clicking here or on the image below:

Finally, we moved all our inquiry documentation to our outside bulletin board so we could share all our new learning and hard work with the rest of the school! 

Here are some close ups of the final bulletin board:

The kids are so proud of their hard work! We just did a new inquiry brainstorm and their wonders were all over the place so we'll see which one sticks next!

I hope you enjoyed reading about our animals in winter inquiry!

- Yukari

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