Five for Friday: December 2

Hi guys! Happy Friday!

I'm linking up with Kacey from Doodle Bugs Teaching to share 5 things from my week!

1. Trim the Tree Centre

My ECE made up this trim the tree centre and it came out so cute!

I drew the tree onto a presentation board and my ECE worked with the kids to paint it.

Then she taped it to the wall and added the velcro, bow, white felt and present boxes.

The ornaments are in the boxes and they have sight words, letters, numbers and dots on the back. The kids are encouraged to read the back as they trim the tree!

2. Number Stamping

I made up this number stamping sheet for the kids to practice identifying numbers and making sets. The back has numbers 11-20 for the kids who are ready for bigger numbers.

They loved this and did a great job with it! I got the stamp markers from Walmart.

You can grab this sheet for free by clicking on the image below:

3. Christmas Number Clipping

I got this centre idea from @joysofkinder on Instagram! I set out jumbo popsicle sticks, Christmas clip (they are from Michaels) and wooden numbers (also from Michaels) and had the students clip and create numbers.

4. Rhinestone Sight Words

We have been using these mats with play dough but this week we decided to switch it up and make the words with Christmas coloured rhinestones!

The rhinestones are small so it gave them a good opportunity to refine those fine motor skills we are working hard on!

You can find these sight word mats by clicking on the image below:

5. Emotions Booklet

This week our focus sight word was "be" so we made these emotions booklets! They trace the sentence starter "I can be" and fill in the blank with an emotion. I put the emotion words on a stand to support them. Then the kids drew a face to match the emotion they wrote! They loved this!

You can download these booklets to try with your class by clicking on the image below:

I've also had requests to make more sight word booklets like this and the ones I posted a few weeks ago (you can grab those as a freebie here) so I made a whole set for pre-primer words!

You can grab them by clicking on the image below:

That's it from me this week! You can read more Five for Fridays or link up your own post by clicking on the image below:

Have a great weekend!

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