Planning Templates for FDK

A question I often get is "How do plan your program?" It takes me a while to answer that question because there is so much to take into consideration when planning!

Today I want to share with you some of the templates I use to plan our program.

First off this is my schedule for this year. 

I'm sorry it's a little blurry.. but if you download the freebie at the bottom of this post you should be able to see the words clearly!

Then every week I type in our roles in our respective columns in our day plans:

A little bit more info on some of the sections:


After I assess the kids on their alphabet id & letter-sound correspondence I create my alphabet intervention groups and meet with them daily.

You can read more about how I run my alphabet intervention group from this blog post I wrote last year.

I made a few changes this year. The first one is that I have these 2 alphabet songs ready to go on my laptop and I play that for them as we wait for the all students to finish their entry routines. This also gives me some time to get attendance done.

Phonics Song 2 by KidsTV123

Alphabet Song by Pancake Manor

Then we do our alphabet intervention mini books:

We do the tracing page, read the book portion and find the letter on the first day and re-read the book portion and do the letter-sound page on the second day.

Last year we sent personalized alphabet books home for extra practice, but this year we are sending alphabet rings home instead! This matches our sight word rings that we do later in the year and we are hoping it will be easier to manage then the books!

After we master most/all of our letters this group will be moving on to LLI (Levelled Literacy Intervention).


During morning meeting we:

- Change the date on the whiteboard
- Announce the special helper of the day
- Go over the daily schedule

And I also have the special helper lead two alphabet songs while I check agendas. They are so good at being little teachers! 

Here are the songs we do at the beginning of the year.

Do You Know Your Alphabet? By Harry Kindergarten

Interactive Phonics Song by Barbara Milne


After the songs we move on to Shared Reading.

I wrote about my Shared Reading routine last year so I'll leave the link here if you would like to check it out!


I plan my math mini lessons based on my long range plans and my assessment tracking sheets.

You can see them by clicking on the images below:


My ECE partner is teaching whole group writing lessons while I work with some of my intervention kids 1:1. She is following the lessons from my writing unit. Right now we are on unit 1:


I created this image in PowerPoint that shows my classroom layout to help me plan my centres:

The numbers above correspond to the numbers below. This helps me plan activities that are appropriate for the space (e.g. there is a lot more space at table 1 than on bench 6).

I fill in an AM sheet and a PM sheet for the week. I try to write down 2-3 activities per area so that I can change the centre up if needed mid-week. Although we have a variety of activities out the AM centres lean more literacy based and the PM centres are more math based.

As I come across centre ideas on Pinterest, Instagram etc. I write them down on this Learning Centre Planning Template that I keep in the planning section of my teacher binder. That way I can flip to these sheets and quickly remind myself of the ideas when I am filling out the learning centre plans for the week. I cross it out on this sheet once I have used the idea.

You can download my timetable, sample day plan, weekly learning centre planning template and general learning centre planning template all in one file by clicking on the image below!

Explaining planning is so hard! I hope I clarified more than confused! 

I hope you were able to get some ideas for to help with your planning! 

- Yukari

*** UPDATED 09.03.17 ***

I recently had a request to share the read alouds I read for each month and I shared the link to this file on my Instagram stories.  I've had questions since on how to access the file so I thought I would add it here.  To grab the pdf version, click here or on the images below!



  1. Hi Yukari,

    Do you have a template that you use for your long range plan for the new curriculum?

    1. Hi TL,

      Sorry but I don't. We (as a division) just decided which expectations to teach/report on for each communication of learning for now. Sorry I can't be more help!

  2. This was just what I was looking for! Thank you!

  3. Hi do you have editable plans and not pdfs that you can share? Are they on your TPT?


  4. This is extremely helpful as I have taught junior and am in kinder this year. Do you use the alphabet songs all year long? If not what do you use as the year goes on?


  5. This website is awesome! I sat down after school and have been looking through it for about an hour. Sharp, simple, and detailed resources! I can only imagine how awesome your classroom is!