Super E! {Activities for CVCe Words}

Hi guys :)

I'm blogging today about how I taught Super E or CVCe words this year!

I started by showing them this YouTube video by Harry Kindergarten:

I love this video and so do the kids!

We made 2 anchor charts.

In one I showed them how super e changes CVC words into a new word, like cap to cape, and can to cane.  I don't have a picture of this one (sorry!).

In the second one we practiced writing CVCe words to practice hearing and recording sounds in words and to increase our vocabulary.

Here are the centres I set out for the kids to practice CVCe words with!

1. CVCe Read, Make & Trace

The students read the word, make it with magnetic letters and trace the word with a dry erase marker.  This one was a big hit with all of my kids!

2. Building CVCe Words

I made this one to challenge my higher readers.  They look at the picture, guess the word, build it with magnetic letters and check their work with the answer key.

3. Super E Play Dough

My kids love anything to do with play dough.  This one was another centre that was accessible and fun for all learners in my class!

4. CVCe Puzzles

Here's another centre that was accessible for all learners.  My ECE sat with 2 JK's one morning who wanted some support with these puzzles and they did an amazing job together!

5. Super E Read & Match

My kids also love dry erase markers so I made these read & match sheets so that they could practice reading the word and matching it to the correct picture.

6. My Little Super E Book

One of my favourite activities was this Super E booklet.

I had the kids write in the magic e and then read the book to me.
Some kids even labelled each picture using the words in the sentence (so smart!).
It is now in their book box and a book they can read during independent reading time.

7. CVCe Mini Reader

This mini reader has all of the words that they need on the cover so they can refer to it if needed...

and the kids can use a pencil or letter stamps to complete the sentences!

This one is a freebie.  I originally included it in my preview but realized that people might not know how to download a TPT preview.  So you can now also grab it by clicking on the image below from google drive!

All of the centre activities you see in this blog post can be found in my Super E! CVCe Centres & Printables pack on TPT.  Click on the image below if you are interested in checking it out :)

How do you teach CVCe words? I would love to hear your fun, engaging ideas if you are willing to share!

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