Four 2D Shape Interventions for FDK

Hi friends!

Today I'm going to share a few things I did in terms of interventions for 2D shapes.

I like starting with 2D shapes because it seems to be an easy concept for most students and knowledge of 2D shapes is needed for strands like patterning, sorting etc.

However there will always be some students who will struggle a little... or a lot!

After I assess students using this sheet...

I create my intervention groups.  Here are the three activities that we did this year!

#1: My 2D Shape Book

After I have my assessments I write each shape name they need to know and on a piece of paper and write the names of the students who could not identify the name under each shape.

It might look like this:




and so on.

Then I make these 2D shape booklets but include ONLY the shapes that they are not yet identifying.

So from the data above Adam would get all 3 shape pages while Jason would only get the triangle page.

When the students get their booklets they write their name and on the cover...

and we will read the book together.

After we read the book they can colour the shapes and keep the book in their book boxes and practice reading it at independent reading time.  I have volunteers that come in twice a week and sometimes I have the students take their booklets out and practice with the volunteers.  It is an easy way to ensure that they are getting practice with the shapes that they need!

#2: 2D Shape Bingo

My kids LOVE bingo! This one is also great to leave for a supply or with a volunteer.  Just tape the list of students who have not yet mastered the name of all of the shapes on the box or stick them in the bag with the bingo cards and you easily know which kids need more practice!

#3: 2D Shape Board Game

Another game your can play with your littles that need more practice is this 2D shape board game! I call 3-4 kids over at a time, they roll the dice, move that many spaces and then identify the shape that they land on.  They can even choose a shape marker that they want and they will be learning the shape names there too! #sneakinginthelearning

#4: Sides & Vertices

This one is the one I find the trickiest!

I had a lot of kids who think the sides and the vertices are the same thing this year (actually this is every year..).  We did do the play dough balls and straw lesson but I needed something else to really drive the concept home.

So I made these hands-on side and vertices cards.

The students have to figure out what shape it is, draw in the missing side and add stickers to cover the vertices.

I guess wipe erase marker and stickers were the magic formula because they ate it up!!

Again I only called the students who couldn't identify where the sides and vertices were from the assessment but after I was done I put it out as a centre so everyone who wanted to could try the activity :)

I have added both the booklet, side & vertices cards, the bingo cards and updated the shape board game in my "All About 2D Shapes: A Kindergarten 2D Shape Unit".  You can click on the image below if you want to check it out :)  If you already own it just redownload it from TPT and you will get these updates for free!

I hope this is helpful for planning your 2D shape intervention! Let me know what you do for kids who struggle with 2D shapes!

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