2 Alphabet Intervention Tools

Hi friends!

I'm SO excited to share with you some of the things that have been working well in my room!

My alphabet interventions have been going so smoothly this year! You will be able to read more about my actual small group routine tomorrow since I will be posting that on Kinder Tribe.

But today I just wanted to show you two tools that have been rocking my alphabet intervention world.

First is "The Alphabet QR Book".

I have 3 copies, one for each student in my intervention group.  After I call them to my teacher table they know that the first thing they do is grab the iPod and scan the QR code.  Then they press play and wait for the audio to start.

The audio says "Are you ready to practice the letter name and sounds? Open up to the first page with the apple and place your finger on the first black dot.  As we read make sure you tap on each black dot.  When you hear the chime, turn the page.  Here we go!"

Then the students just follow the directions and read along with the audio.

The book is about 4 minutes long.  This gives me plenty of time to get everyone else settled into centres and I can even pull a student for a quick assessment if needs be!

It is seriously like having another teacher in the room! No more waiting around doing nothing or students "reading" books that are way too hard for them as they wait!

After we finish the QR book we move on to our intervention booklets (which I will be talking in-depth about over at Kinder Tribe tomorrow).

The second intervention tool that has been working well are these personalized take home books.

After I assess each student I create personalized books based on the letters and sounds they have not yet mastered.  Some books will be very thin and other books will have the entire alphabet.  If the student knows the letter sound but not the letter names then I will check the S box but not the N box.  This just lets the parents know what they were able to show me during the most recent assessment and what they need to work on at home.

I always read the book with each child before putting it in their agenda so that they know how to read the book.  We talk about tapping on each black dot as we read.  Then it stays in their agenda and it is part of their home reading program.  They are asked to read the book with an adult every night to practice the alphabet.  

Every month I will reassess the letters and remove the letters that they have mastered.  The kids love seeing their books get thinner and it really does seem to motivate them!

I am throwing a little sale over at my TPT store for all of my alphabet intervention items.  They will be 20% off until Wednesday! 

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  1. This looks awesome. I guess you don't have one for French do you??

    1. Hi! Sorry, I don't speak French so am not able to offer that :(

      Thanks for the interest!

  2. Hi Yukari!

    I'm a big fan of your products! Was wondering the about the technical logistics of using the IPOD - do you have wifi in the classroom? or is this an app that you have downloaded.
    Do the kids wear headphones or is it played for the group on speakers.



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  4. I have your alphabet qr book, but the qr isn’t working. Have you changed it recently? (I bought a long time ago, and just decided to take it out for my daughter)