TpT Seller Challenge Week 2: Dare to Dream

So... I'm technically not even done with my post for week 1..
I thought I finally finished updating my 3D figure pack tonight but there has been a slight clip art hiccup and now it will have to wait a few more days :(

But I'm going to join in for week 2 and share my dreams for my TpT journey!

I started posting to TpT last summer because I already make a lot of things to use in the classroom myself and I love product design.  I never thought that anyone would buy from me! When I made my first sale I was so ecstatic! 

My store is still relatively small but here are my hopes for the future!


We just bought a new house at the beginning of the month and moving from a teeny tiny condo to a 3 bedroom house has been a huge change! I would love to have some extra income to help us decorate our home the way we want it!  We also eventually want to renovate the kitchen and master bathroom so building my store helps me reach that goal sooner too!


I would LOVE it if my earnings from TpT could help me pay off my student loans faster so that I could focus on saving for other things like...


I moved to Ontario 4 years ago and my family lives in BC.  It doesn't look like it is in the cards for me to visit them this summer which means I won't be seeing my mom and sister for 2 years by the time the next visit rolls around.  This is killing me inside as I love them to bits and pieces but it's just too hard for me this summer.  So I would love to make enough money to pay for a flight to BC next summer!!


Something I love about creating products for TpT is that it forces me to stay on top of the current education trends and theories.  It motivates me to read, learn and implement a variety of new teaching ideas, find out what works for me and my kids and be a better teacher.


Since I am still a contract teacher I don't have the job security of a permanent teacher.  Last week I applied to 22 jobs and last year I applied to hundreds before I landed an interview.  If I don't land a contract job I will be going back to supply teaching for the time being.  Having TpT as my second job let's me work on something I love and have a little bit of extra financial security :) I would love it if down the road I could make enough so that I could comfortably stay at home a little longer with babies when the time comes ;)

So there you have it!
Those are my dreams for my TpT journey.

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  1. 1. I love your sparkly style on the blog! 2. I'm with you on the loans! I'd like to get mine paid off so I can get my mind on other things!

    Sparkling in Second

    1. Thanks Jen! I love your sparkly design too! Good luck with paying off your loans!

  2. I have all my fingers crossed that your next year on TpT goes absolutely fabulous and you get to visit your family!

    1. Thank you Nikki! I hope so too! I'm off to visit your blog ;)

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