Student Gift: Valentine You Knock My Socks Off!

Can you believe it's February already? Where did January go?
Not that I'm complaining or anything but it really flew by!

Valentine's Day is already next week!
We are having our Valentine's Day celebration on the 12th since the 13th is a PA Day and the 14th is a Saturday this year.

Here is what we plan to pass out!

I got the idea from Growing Kinders.
Here is a link to her blogpost.

I was originally going to use the tag Kathleen made up (it's adorable!!), but Smarties are actually called Rockets in Canada so it doesn't really work :(

So I made a tag that would work with any kind of candy you want to pop in :)
* Graphics and fonts by Melonheadz and Kimberly Geswein *

I bought the socks at Target (Dollar Spot), the cellophane bags at Target and the candy bracelets at Dollarama.

If you are splitting the gift with co-educators (ECE, EA etc.) like me
you can use this first tag.

If it's just from you, you can use this second tag.

Click on either pictures to download the tags!

I hope you can use it!


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