Pumpkins Pumpkins Everywhere!

For the last two weeks we have been knee deep in everything pumpkin!

First we showed them the pumpkins we brought in and recorded our schema.
I copied this pumpkin chart from The First Grade Parade.

Here are some of the pumpkin books we read...
(Pumpkin, Pumpkin is a great one for the life cycle of a pumpkin!)

and some pumpkin books I popped in to our bookshelves for students 
to look at during centre time.

We brainstormed adjectives for the outside of the pumpkin and recorded those on the pumpkin below.
Then the students wrote and illustrated an "I see (a) _______ pumpkin." sentence

This is a pumpkin song my ECE brought in.
The kids were instructed to put the sentences in order and match the pictures to the correct part of the song.

We also worked on the life cycle of a pumpkin!
They used markers, foam shapes and twine to recreate the pumpkin life cycle.

We also learned and sang this pumpkin song to the tune of Camp Town Races.

The kids really enjoyed opening up and taking out the pumpkin seeds!

At this centre they stamped pumpkin words onto the pumpkin cut outs.

At this centre students read the pumpkin stories and made playdough pumpkins with the orange playdough!  We just started measurement in math so this was a great informal assessment on their capacity vocabulary (big, small etc.)

"I like pumpkins.  I see 3 big pumpkins, 2 medium pumpkins, and 1 small pumpkin."

We are also doing some pumpkin baking later this week!
The kids were instructed to pick their favourite pumpkin treat and write a sentence as a way to cast a vote on which pumpkin treat we should make as a class.

It also ties in with our sight word of the week, "like"!

My ECE made these feely bags! One bag has the pumpkin seeds, one has the pumpkin pulp and 2 bags have pumpkin pie filling.  It was a great oral language table where the kids described what they saw, felt and smelled. Some students practiced tracing their names on the bags with their fingers too :)

What are you favourite pumpkin activities?

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